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New patch released:

Windows update checks should now use the right version number. Plus some minor fixes, and updated UI translations.

📱 The intermittent iOS beta work continues.


Native iOS text entry (!), redesigned sidebar, bookmark organization, revised client cert UI, pull to refresh, WebP support, and various smaller UI tweaks.

I'm happy to report that at least for me the automatic update succeeded pretty nicely. Of course, there are a few glitches:

On Windows, 1.9.1 seems to think it's 1.9 and it keeps reporting the update. Will need to check what's up... Also, the app doesn't seem to relaunch automatically afterwards.

On macOS, after updating the app was restarted behind other windows.

A nice bonus on macOS: delta updates are supported, so the download should be fast!

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There were some crashers in v1.9 so here's an early 1st patch:

Bug fixes:
- crash when creating a bookmark
- tab button layout with many tabs open
- page timestamp missing

H3 is now indented with text lines so all levels have a unique look.

So many things broke down at the last minute in the Sparkle feeds that I am left with little confidence it's actually functional right now. 😅 I guess we'll find out in a week or two...

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I've released v1.9. ✨


Automatic updates on Windows and Mac, UI improvements, page theme tuning, 24-bit ANSI colors, ANSI background color, and various bug fixes.

Thinking about the wonderful ANSI Select Graphic Rendition control sequences:


With the complete Unicode character set and full control over colors, many possibilities open up. But is that something that should embrace, reject, or remain agnostic of?

@makeworld The best argument against OOP that I know of is that it can be inefficient when dealing with large numbers of objects. This of course isn't a problem with GUIs and such that have a relatively small number of objects.

Objects tend to be allocated separately (hindering memory caching) and accessing their data requires one or more pointer dereferences (costing CPU cycles). These things can be an issue for game engines, low-powered systems, etc.

v1.8.3 is out:

This fixes a regression with mouse events related to the page top banner, and simplifies Titan upload identity selection so it is site-specific and not URL-specific.

v1.8.2 is available:

Didn't have much time this week, but some useful fixes nonetheless:

- `+` in query strings (e.g., Station)
- error message titles
- duplicate font menu items
- crash when a font file is missing
- manually trusting a certificate

Feed updates:

- My gemlog feeds now include the primary topic tag as a suffix, to make it clearer what the post is about.

- There's a new Lagrange Releases RSS feed at: (generated from Gitea)

- New the_Foundation RSS feed:

🔧 v1.8.1 is available:

A new armhf AppImage is now included, built on Raspbian 10 (Buster). It was added because Flathub has deprecated 32-bit Raspi builds.

- fixed issues with popup menus, socket I/O
- macOS: tab close buttons on the left
- new UI languages: Czech, Hungarian

My C library is turning 4 years old this month, and it seems like a good time to make a v1.0 release. I wrote a new introduction today.

It's of course designed exactly for my own needs and ways of working, and that's why I like it so much. Always nicer to use bespoke tools.

It'll automatically prompt you to re-download the old set of fonts, but you might want to skip that and get the Noto Sans and Noto Serif sets instead, for vastly better Unicode coverage.


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v1.8 "Fonts and Warnings" is out: 👻


This release focuses on a customizable font library, and improves the appearance and behavior of warnings and error messages. Thanks to the unbundled fonts, this release is the slimmest one yet.

It's wonderful that the Noto fonts are under SIL OFL.

Preparing these for the v1.8 release...

The end goal is to greatly expand the font library in the future. Obviously having all the fonts bundled with the app was never a scalable solution...

The only concern is whether my server can handle all the downloads since fontpacks can be several MBs in size. I may need to set up a mirror or two somewhere.

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Putting finishing touches on v1.8.

This time, there are truly breaking changes: the old font library is removed and becomes an optional download, meaning that CJK, Arabic, and the other extra fonts are not part of the binary packages.

However, I've tried to make it an easy transition: after upgrading, you will be offered to download and install the old fonts separately (via Gemini). It only takes two presses of the Enter key.

I haven't just been gemlogging recently, so here's a patch:

- fixed a memory leak in the text renderer
- added option to place new bookmarks to the top
- latest UI strings from Weblate

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"Italic" just means "from Italy". "Italic" fonts are named for the fact that the style originated in Italy. So when you push the 𝘐 button in your word processor it's basically just the Italian button. Activate Italian mode

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