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v1.7.1 is available:

- added feed refresh progress bar
- bookmark list scrolls to show new items
- moving an item to be the last one in a folder

Bug fixes:
- feed entry bookkeeping
- parsing Atom timestamps
- crash when selecting text

Rebuilt macOS Intel binary now available: "lagrange_v1.7.0-1_macos10.13-x86_64.tbz"

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Note if you run the macOS 10.13 (Intel) version: looks like it was built with the wrong version of SDL, and thus the new context menus often require two clicks to open.

I'll make an updated build.

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Introducing bookmark folders and better popup menus in v1.7:


See the release announcement for all the details. Just uploaded v1.7.0 to and GitHub, download while it's hot! 🔥

Release prep in progress... Here's a word count of Lagrange release announcements:

$ wc -w *_lagrange-*
436 2020-12_lagrange-1.0.gmi
865 2021-01_lagrange-1.1.gmi
1421 2021-02_lagrange-1.2.gmi
2179 2021-04_lagrange-1.3.gmi
1464 2021-05_lagrange-1.4.gmi
1520 2021-05_lagrange-1.5.gmi
2409 2021-07_lagrange-1.6.gmi
2581 2021-09_lagrange-1.7.gmi


A foggy September morning turned into a gorgeous sunny afternoon. My favorite time of the year to snap some pics.

A little teaser: in the upcoming v1.7, you can finally organize your bookmarks into folders.

Managed to get context menus working via NSMenu on macOS. It did need a minor tweak in SDL to make it realize the right mouse button has been released after the menu goes away.

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A first step toward multiple windows in : popup menus that live outside the main window.

On Mac/Windows it makes more sense to use native menus for this, but everywhere else a platform-agnostic method is needed, and this one is purely based on SDL-managed borderless windows.

I've updated the iOS TestFlight build with a bunch of useful improvements:


Most of the changes here are focused on making the UI more consistent and well-behaved throughout the app.

This build also contains a few upcoming v1.7 features: optimized widget drawing, identity selection in Upload dialog, and an image colorization setting.


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the fall 2021 tape is out now! apologies this one took so long, life is busy & life with a newborn baby is triple-busy.

as mentioned in the liner notes, cover art has been added to all the mp3 files so, if that's your thing, snag the files again or grab the archives!


please be well. 💕


#gemini #geminiprotocol #KONPEITO #lofi #mixtape

This morning I was puzzled by all hostname lookups failing in Lagrange on my phone. Could it be an iOS beta thing? Maybe my router needs rebooting? But everything else works...?

After half an hour of troubleshooting I remembered I had been testing input widget changes the night before. 🤦‍♂️

The mobile version of Lagrange was in a bit of a cul-de-sac over the summer as I was struggling with my chosen approach of trying to “simply” reorganize the desktop dialogs into a different layout.

It wasn’t simple and it didn’t produce good results.

Now that I’ve thrown that piece of code in the trash, I’m making swift progress again and things are more straightforward.

It’s important to abandon the fruitless paths and to try something else, despite sunk costs.

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Bare metal UXN running on the PI4 hardware!

For some reason this refused to work with -O2 optimizations, but works fine on -O1. Probably need to do some assembly archeology to find what is going on.

Major updates to Lagrange have been coming in at a bit slower pace over the past few months. Looking forward to some serious coding in the future.


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v1.6.5 is available:

Various minor bug fixes this time. Worth mentioning is the KMSDRM fix, so one can run the app in a console outside X11 and Wayland. (Tested on Raspberry Pi 400.)

There's been a little pause on this but I'm still working on my small Emoji font. Here's today's glyph: A turkey!

The Emoji test page in Lagrange shows full coverage up to Unicode 7. The turkey is part of Unicode 8 (about halfway done).

Note: Lagrange uses Noto Emoji/Symbol fonts as well.

This week's patch is out:

v1.6.4 fixes of a mix of old and new issues, including a few found on OpenBSD. I also added detection of UTF-8 text when opening local files, so it isn't restricted to known file extensions.

@ainent Thanks, this clarifies it!

Looks like the DPI is fine as-is. The UI is using the desktop layout, which is not surprising because the mobile layout is hardcoded to be used on iOS only. There might also be an unnecessary minimum window size that causes the right side of the UI to be out of bounds.

I'll add a build option for the mobile layout. It is much better for small screens.

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