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🦆 My new font project now has a Git repository:

The test page shows that a quarter of Emojis are currently missing in Lagrange: gemini://


v1.5 is now available with several UI improvements.

- improved identity management
- multi-line text input
- query response length indicator
- animated sidebars and dialogs
- custom fallback font
- Gempub navigation

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Ok, inspired by @jk and his Lagrange project, I finished hacking together my small but functional #Gemini server in #crystal _^ It's very basic right now, but it's a start! No CGI or anything yet, so it just serves static files, and will attempt to detect mime types as it does. I'll expand it to be more feature-full soon.

Having an absolutely wild Saturday evening investigating Unicode combining characters. Lagrange currently utterly fails to render these. A special layout algorithm that adapts to any number of combined extra glyphs is needed.

I haven't thrown in the towel yet, but falling back to using an existing library is always an option...

The weekly patch is out:

Mostly addressing regressions caused by the introduction of split view mode. For example, on first run, the UI color palette was not initialized so everything was black! Dark mode is cool but that's a little too much. 😎

If anyone wants to test multiline text input on iOS, there's a new TestFlight build available: 1.4 (7).

The iOS keyboard is so fiddly that I've set the sw keyboard "return" key to insert a line break by default instead of sending the request. This may still change if I figure out how to modify the keyboard.

Other updates include an improved Settings view and of course split view (for iPad).

A new patch is available:

Bug fixes:
- UI glitches when closing all tabs in left split
- active tab no longer active after unsplitting
- tab pinning indicator
- sidebars becoming unresponsive
- Preferences > Keys scrollbar not shown
- Gopher: monospace font for visited links

Working on improvements to the Lagrange text input widget. Word wrapping and multiple lines make a world of difference for writing a bit of text.

v1.4 slightly tweaks the scaling so that the UI size is never reduced below 1.0 based on DPI. This may help you if the UI seemed too small by default.

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New features:
- split view for browsing two tabs at once — keep an index page or menu on one side while opening all links on the other side
- basic support: viewing the book cover page, and opening the contents in a split view
- view contents of local directories and ZIP archives
- page renderer buffers content more efficiently
- all lists support smooth scrolling
- feeds sidebar has a mode for viewing only unread entries
- new UI languages: Interlingua, Toki Pona

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It may have been a mistake to run 3 PCs in my tiny home office. It’s barely 6℃ outside but the room is like a sauna. 😅

Gonna have to figure out a cooling solution for the summer…

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Here's the reference Gempub book running in a fork of ÖppenBòk, no styling yet, or cover, or inline images, but pagination of the chapters is working: You can download the .gpub (Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker) here:

Happy to say this isn't the first book or reader implementation, @jk beat me to it in Lagrange.

I've updated the Gempub support in Lagrange's dev branch. The new split modes are also pretty handy here... @nytpu @oppen

As a stepping stone toward multiple windows, Lagrange v1.4 will have split-screen modes.

You essentially get two copies of the full UI side by side. Very useful for large displays, viewing something on the side, or just browsing two pages simultaneously.

This required substantial changes in the UI internals, but it'll make multiple windows a lot easier to do in the future.

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Another advantage of #gempub over .epub, it's just plain text, even without a reader app you can comfortably read

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