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We've been super lazy with the last two weeks (was tired and too busy with everyday work).

This weekend I'll add a LOT of new capsules to the directory. It's super nice to see that the geminispace continues to grow!


I did most of the Finnish translation yesterday and I must say there is a strangely addictive nature to translating UI strings. 馃嚝馃嚠

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If you'd like to help translate to new languages, please visit the recently opened Weblate site:

Contact me if you want to contribute translations. (By default, the site is suggest-only.)

First ten days of TestFlight (gemlog post)

Development has been pretty active but I'm still undecided about the phone UI. Writing a universal app remains a challenge. This has been a nice way to test 1.3 features for the desktop, though.

Trying out LibreTranslate in . It鈥檚 still a bit hit-and-miss, and I鈥檓 not sure how well the self-hosted instance will hold up, but it does work. Coming up in v1.3!

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Tightening a few more screws. 馃敡馃悰

Bug fixes:
- XML parsing hangs
- visible Gemtext markup with Monospace Body
- bookmarking wrapped links
- non-advancing monospace glyphs
- CMake safeguards

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Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

@exquisitecorp Odd! I haven't heard anyone else having problems with the link. Can you access the website without issues?

The first beta build of for iOS is now on TestFlight.

Join now and not only will you get a preview of v1.3, but you'll also get to enjoy a variety of exciting bugs. Will it crash and burn?

A little v1.3 preview.

I'm a big fan of icons in menus. It's so much faster to recognize items by the icon than to actually read the label text.

I added these for the mobile version but they are useful and nice on the desktop, too.

v1.2.2 is available.

This patch has stability improvements and assorted minor changes.

I ran the app through Valgrind and it pointed out a couple of potential problems that are now fixed.

The "Monospace body" option now disables whitespace normalization. This differentiates it from using Iosevka as the body font.

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Spring is here and that means it's time for a new tape, right? That's right and it's just gone up on the Gemini space so it's still fresh and warm.

The Spring 2021 KONPEITO tape is a cool, heavy bass one. I want to play it in my car while just cruising.

But, hold up, that's not all! There's a new Omake tape too!

Omake 04: Ok Boomer is a thundering, violent, sexy, sleazy beast. Play it loud and tear shit up!

What are you waiting for? Point your Gemini client at gemini:// and grab them!

#KONPEITO #omake #gemini #geminiprotocol #lofi #mixtape #okboomer

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Cool to see that Gemini uses an issue tracker now. Hopefully that will make discussions more productive and quiet down the mailing list.

馃敟v1.2.0 crashes when creating a bookmark... I'll release a patch shortly. Fix in repository already.

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v1.2: It's a Big One

UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.

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gemini:// news!

We've added a search feature that you can find under the "search and filters" title on the main page.

We've also opened an "official" gemlog where you'll find news and thoughts we want to share about the directory. It's located here: gemini://


A small 1.1 patch today:

Bug fixes:
- problems with feed entry highlight/unread status
- Gopher links that contain spaces
- vertical alignment of short pages was too far down

iOS port progressing... "Colorful Light" is a bit too much on a large monitor, but on a phone it seems quite delightful.

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