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Notes to Linux/BSD/X11 users:

If you have a custom XDG_CONFIG_HOME, Lagrange will now use it. Copy your old data from ~/.config/lagrange.

If you have a HiDPI monitor and have scaled up the UI in Lagrange, you will likely need to scale it back down since the monitor DPI is applied automatically.

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I felt could use more 1's so here's v1.1.1.

- check monitor DPI on Linux
- use XDG user directories
- input cycling in dialogs
- issues with "Valid until" in New Identity
- UI drawing glitches
- URI fragment handling
- importing from remote bookmark page

Mac users ahoy: the "skyjake/lagrange" Homebrew tap now gives you the arm64 build when running on an M1 Mac.

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v1.1 has been released:

What's new?
- Import existing X.509 client certificates via the UI.
- Setting for maximum cache size.
- Option to show full URL when hovering over a link.
- Support for Finger links.
- More keybindings: e.g., opening and closing tabs.
- Visual UI improvements.
- Fix for history timestamps that were shifting on every launch.

Read all about v1.1 here: gemini://

I'll keep the Intel and Apple Silicon builds as separate / non-universal for now because my distrib scripts as pretty simple.

In theory, it might be possible to merge the separately built binaries together, although not entirely sure what ramifications that has. Something to investigate on a later date.

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Got a bunch of bug fixes for you in v1.0.3:

- Improved font glyph caching (more robust, faster, uses less memory).
- Percent-encoding URLs copied to clipboard.
- Trimming feed entry titles.
- Quotes vs. empty lines.
- Redirection in a background tab.
- macOS: "gopher:" scheme handling.

- Omit default port from Gemini URLs.
- Added a build for Apple Silicon (macOS 11.0). Note that this is a separate download.

Some M1 goodness. 🍎

I'll probably make a separate arm64 build for Big Sur and later, in addition to the current Intel 10.13 build.

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New release of Ariane is now available: (2.2.6) still some known issues but lots of fixes and improvements in place too. #android #gemini

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Welcoming the new year with v1.0.2.

Bug fixes:
- wrong URL in navbar after opening tab in background
- trust server cert with multiple open tabs
- open feed entries with modifier keys
- editing identity notes
- verify domain with CN vs. SAN

Looks like Santa has left a patch under the tree!

Bug fixes:
- Cursor positioning in input fields.
- Percent-encoding query strings.

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Rocketeer, my Gemini browser for iOS is now in public beta! (boosts appreciated)

Follow the instructions here to join:

If you have any issues or feedback (positive or negative), please let me know! You can message me here, send me an email (me at, or open an issue on the project issue tracker:

Rocketeer app screenshots
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The Switchover — Master branch at 3.0; a new foundation; slim and trim; SDL to the fore; full plate for 2021.

v1.0 is here.

What's new?
- Remote bookmarks: use links on any Gemini page as additional bookmarks.
- Exporting/importing bookmarks.
- Opening sidebar items in a new/background tab.
- Links with an unrecognized scheme open in the default browser.

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that the KONPEITO Winter 2021 tape is now available on gemini:// - this marks the one-year anniversary of the KONPEITO project.

Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for your support of the Gemini protocol, it has really made huge strides since this project began.


#KONPEITO #gemini #geminiprotocol #lofi #mixtape

Feeling lucky about v0.13. 🍀

What's new?
- IDN: Unicode in domain names.
- Unicode characters shown in URLs.
- Quick search for feed entries.
- UI and text rendering improvements.

Gemlog post:

It's funny how to-do lists only ever get longer the more you work on a software project.

I released v0.12.1 today.

- Artifacts in Unicode box-drawing characters.
- Show 'text/*' as plain text.
- Truncated tab titles.
- MIME hook issues.
- macOS: Excessive CPU usage when idle.

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