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@tomasino Does the artifact disappear if you focus the URL field for input?

@tomasino Looks like this bug:

The suspected cause there was an OpenGL driver glitch. Which OS and version of SDL are you using here?

I could try manually clearing the glyph cache textures after creation, since that looks like uninitialized memory.

@jpfox Yeah perhaps not the most pragmatic choice. Mozz is a clever fellow, though, so maybe having to be root is another reference to the mighty Spartan warriors. 馃挭馃榾

@oppen @nytpu

@oppen @nytpu Have you seen this as well? gemini://

An advantage compared to Gemini minus TLS is support for uploading data.

mozz has even prepared a Python implementation.

I like this part of debugging where I get to listen to @konpeito for an extended period of time to see whether will start overheating my phone CPU. 馃幍馃帶

@nytpu I'm sure they also appreciate the lock-in aspect of having all your private keys only accessible on Apple devices. 馃槒

However, this is based on WebAuthn and it does seem to have a way to perform the user auth via Bluetooth as well:

Hopefully it'll actually work that way at some point in the future, so any biometrically secured device can be used as a key when signing in.

Apple is working towards iCloud Keychain backed public-key-based credentials to replace passwords.

Sounds good! client certs demonstrate that crypto-based user authentication is a great solution. Having a secure store for the keys/certs is essential, though.

@adele This twemoji.ttf is unfortunately in a format that is not supported by my font library (or even macOS), so I can't use it.

Inspection with a font tool shows that this is a color bitmap font (CBDT). That would explain why it isn't showing up, as only vector fonts are supported in Lagrange.

@adele Hmm, there is a monochrome version of Twemoji? I couldn't find such a version, do you have a direct link for me?

Color fonts are currently not used because 1) the font library I use doesn't support color, and 2) I want the symbols to match the page color theme.

Note that in v1.5 there is a new setting where you can specify any .ttf file on your system for drawing missing glyphs.

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Resource update for v1.5:

This patch has updated UI translations and a couple of new Smol Emoji glyphs.

@joacim Lagrange as GUI client and efingerd as the server.

@tomasino Sure did! I remember struggling to get the bridge pieces connected right, but of course the main attraction was setting up some crazy long jumps.

Maybe it was the relative simplicity of the game that made it so charming. Modern takes like Trackmania are fun but making a good track there is a much bigger project.

@tomasino Yeah efingerd. Seems quite nice and flexible since it鈥檚 basically running shell scripts for everything.

I was thinking of doing something fancy like hardwrapping a .gmi file for output via efingerd.

Exploring the bleeding edge of network protocols from the 70s: now serves Finger.

In your terminal: finger

馃憠 finger://

No idea if I remember to keep this updated. Could always integrate it somehow into the Gemini site. 馃

Haven鈥檛 had time to sit at the computer since Tuesday thanks to a mini vacation. These 鈥渇orced鈥 breaks do help with getting out of whatever groove I was in and looking at things with a fresh perspective. I鈥檒l probably end up reshuffling my todo list when I resume work again.

@isoraqathedh Glad to hear it! This is a very new project and I hope to add many more symbols over the summer.

The B&W format means that the only way to do 'colors' is via different shadings and patterns, I suppose.

@makeworld About 300 more needed to reach first objective: all Emojis up to Unicode 13 while also using Noto Emoji for the older ones.

@makeworld I will elaborate on contributing in the readme. Basically one will need to send me a bunch of individual SVGs and/or an OTF/TTF font file with new glyphs, and I鈥檒l manually review (also perhaps edit) and insert them into the master document.

OFL is pretty flexible:

> "Font Software" refers to the set of files released by the Copyright Holder(s) under this license and clearly marked as such. This may include source files, build scripts and documentation.

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