I haven't just been gemlogging recently, so here's a patch:


- fixed a memory leak in the text renderer
- added option to place new bookmarks to the top
- latest UI strings from Weblate

@tallship @Hyolobrika @tomasino

There is still more to experiment with here, but yeah the idea would be to eventually have some flavor of Markdown that is natively displayed in the app. It would still be subject to every rule of the Gemini protocol.

This reply turned out quite long for Mastodon; continuing here:

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"Italic" just means "from Italy". "Italic" fonts are named for the fact that the style originated in Italy. So when you push the 𝘐 button in your word processor it's basically just the Italian button. Activate Italian mode

@tomasino In any case, I’m not planning to rush into adding non-Gemtext-based document formats to Lagrange. There are more important short/medium-term things to take care of, and there is also a maximum size for the code base that makes sense for a single developer.

@tomasino It’s good to be careful here for sure.

One should not conflate page content and the protocol, though. A richer-formatted page is still served over Gemini, with its single request rule and no preloading. Even HTML can be used outside the context of a full-blown web browser, although I’m not sure anyone would want that.

IMO the biggest danger is fragmentation. If people don’t see the value of standard Gemtext as the glue that holds Gemini together, the community splits apart.

@person 'Tis true.

Although Doomsday has been taking a hard back seat lately... Looking forward to working more on the renderer, though.

@kensanata @lutindiscret The tests are certainly very valuable, but I think the issue here was more about browsers somehow being able to reject invalid content, like an XML document could be rejected if it wasn't well-formed.

@Sandra You probably won't like it. 🙂

In AstroBotany's favor, it does have an account setting to disable ANSI escapes.

@Sandra ok, I can see how ANSI font style escapes should at least be optional and off by default for gemtext.

Doesn’t this reasoning extend to all of the escapes, though? Like AstroBotany’s use of color escapes in the Koi pond page?

I should add an option to filter those out, too.

@Sandra Please elaborate, what is your reasoning here?

@lutindiscret Is there a way to validate CommonMark so as to detect if anything is a syntax error? I've been under the impression that there's basically no such thing as syntax errors in Markdown; everything will yield some sort of output.

When it comes to formal structured languages like HTML, I agree it's important not to bend the rules, as the history of the web has demonstrated.

@lutindiscret That's a very good point. Gemtext is always there as a hassle-free option, though.

Fully supporting Markdown essentially requires a web-grade rendering engine, and that is out of scope for Gemini IMO. That's why I discuss a "Gemini-flavored" Markdown in the gemlog post.

@lutindiscret Yeah, using a well-defined spec as a reference is certainly the wisest approach.

Although I wouldn’t want to implement the full CommonMark spec in its entirety…

What if... we had Markdown as a first-class citizen of Geminispace?


I'm feeling a bit conflicted about this, but ultimately it's up to you to decide which format suits your content the best.

A small patch today:


Bug fixes:
- text selection regressions (likely occurred in v1.6)
- crash when clicking on Outline items during page load
- Gopher `p` line type not handled

Some subscriptions are better without the web links. 😉

Coming in v1.8.

@rysiek 😄 Fortunately it’s just the traditional analogue mocha.

I don’t want to touch Java if I can help it…

Courier is such a classic font. This brings back strong memories of playing around with WordPerfect and an HP LaserJet on my parents' PC back in the early 90's. 🖨

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@f I have the ANSI colors option enabled in my Astrobotany account settings. Admittedly it doesn't go well with colored backgrounds, but I usually use pretty neutral backgrounds so I like it. 🙂

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