@ainent The verify callback has a X509_STORE_CTX parameter. I'm using that to get the peer certificate (X509_STORE_CTX_get_current_cert).

I think that SSL_get_peer_certificate only returns the peer cert after the handshake has completed. The verify callback is called during the handshake, and has the ability to abort it to cancel opening the TLS connection.

The stars aligned and I found a little bit of productive time. 🙌

This is only a small fix for on macOS, but it feels so nice to write a couple of lines of code.


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Found time for a gemlog post while visiting the playground.

Dear Diary, it would be nice to get some sleep:


As the current iOS TestFlight build is expiring, I submitted a new one this morning. Should be up soonish.

Disclaimer: I’m currently rocking my newborn to sleep with 1h of sleep, so apologies if something went awry with the build. 🙂

Maybe it’s best to lean into it and invest some time into music, drawing and painting, if this can be done piecemeal while sleep-deprived…

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The past two months have been a stark change of pace for me. I’ve hardly touched an IDE all summer, while taking care of the household and doing fun stuff with my 3yo son.

I’ve certainly taken coding breaks before but this is nearing record lengths. Parental leave will be starting soon, too, when the new baby is born, so coding will be taking a back seat likely until mid-August.

The summer has started slow for , and much progress isn't likely over the next month either: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/202

Here's a small patch for the desktop, though, focusing on proxy server certificates and of course updating the UI translations (thanks to all who've contributed via Weblate!):


@clematis There isn't a concrete plan for that at the moment. Probably after the summer is over.

Which OS/packaging system you'd like to see first? A simple standalone Linux binary is likely the easiest to do first.

@akkartik FWIW, I haven't received any bug reports about this, so it may be an issue specific to your system.

Let me know if you find the cause, maybe there's some info that can help others, too. Good luck!

@akkartik Are you by any chance running the Flathub build? Due to sandboxing, it does not have write access to your entire home directory, just the XDG download folder.

skyjake.fi (Mastodon, web and Gemini) may be having some random downtime over the next 24 hours.

This is because I’ll need to physically disconnect power and network cables while I’m revising my office layout and server setup, like one does on a relaxing vacation. 🙃

On vacation this week. So, how many hours per day *can* you spend in the jacuzzi? Let’s find out.

Let the patching continue:


Various fixes for URLs, popups, UI behavior and drawing, and some cleanup.

This also has a new feature: "Split tabs evenly" takes sidebars into account when sizing the split, for a more balanced layout.

@annika I found some suspicious code that may have been affecting this, but could only reproduce the problem a few times, randomly, so can't say for certain whether it's now fixed.

Anyway, I made a few tweaks for v1.13.6, let me know if they help on your system once that's released.

@annika External display could indeed be triggering this. Let me do some tests…

@annika Also, is this the Intel or arm64 build?

Is any other dialog similarly affected (e.g., Preferences or Page Information)?

@annika This has not been reported, nor can I reproduce it. Looks quite strange! Dialogs are only supposed to scroll when they don't fit vertically inside the window.

Does this happen constantly for you? Does resizing the window height or relaunching the app make a difference?

@mistermonster Not ruling it out, but I've never been much of a vim user so I don't have a deep enough understanding of how the vim UI behaves. It's difficult to implement it correctly without being experienced in vim...

@come Toggle label, yes. The resuming occurs on every connection, i.e., request sent to a server. Instead of making a full TLS handshake, resumption means that data from a previous handshake can be reused.

@come It's specific to the currently open site.

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