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it's done! this is the last KONPEITO mix, I held off releasing it because I am a creature of ritual but now I've been able to gift this tape to solderpunk to say thank you to him for Gemini and what it's inspired me to create.

digital version should be up on tomorrow as a thank you to you all, you who've listened to and shared the tapes, you who've created your own works around our underground Internet and you who've encouraged me and inspired others to create.

be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #lofi #mixtape

@come Toggle label, yes. The resuming occurs on every connection, i.e., request sent to a server. Instead of making a full TLS handshake, resumption means that data from a previous handshake can be reused.

@come It's specific to the currently open site.

New v1.13 patch released:

This fixes a few URL parsing issues and macOS window state saving, and adds flexibility to the TUI: there's an ASCII Emoji option and improvements for the VGA palette mode.

@ainent I will definitely implement draggable tabs sooner or later.

Pinning I see less need for, so no concrete plans for that. If you have a solid use case for that, let me know.


The .asc files on your capsule show an "Unsupported Content Type (application/pgp-signature;lang=en-US)" page. This is the correct behavior for any unrecognized MIME types.

I can click on "Save to Downloads" on that page (or ⌘S) and view the .asc file locally just fine, both in Lagrange or in a text editor. Local files use UTF-8 text detection because the MIME type information is unavailable.

You could update your Agate .meta files to define the MIME type, e.g., text/plain for these.

@D Thanks for reporting! I will check this out.

ZIPs are viewable in the app so there must be something going wrong with the ZIP format detection or parsing.

This has been on my todo list for a while: fontpack sample images for the Lagrange font library. I ended up writing a little tool that renders the preview with SDL_ttf, and a Python script that reads the info from a fontpack.

Now you can actually see what a font looks like before downloading. 🙂


@ainent No worries. Regarding bloat, I think there’s too much subjectivity involved so further discussion may not yield much value, and it’s not like anyone is using Electron here.

If you have more thoughts about the coexistence of Gemini and the other smol protocols, maybe that’s a direction that needs more attention. So far each protocol has a clear technical justification, though.

@noticias @jacereda

MP3 playback will need more work. I want to use the native Android media APIs for that, so it requires writing a bunch of new code, possibly on the Java side.

So not in Beta 6 but at some later point for sure.

@jacereda Thanks for heads up! I just hadn't enabled audio output in the AndroidManifest.

WAV and Vorbis playback should be working in Beta 6.

More fixes for v1.13:

Addressed several issues with the new Spartan support, and registered new URL handlers. On Mac, Sparkle should be able to relaunch the app again after updates (after this is installed). Plus a few minor tweaks.

@omz13 Continuous sync requires a reliable server of some sort, so there would be ongoing maintenance costs. It’s currently not feasible.

However, you can do manual sync with the user data export/import feature.

@omz13 The TestFlight has been going for over a year now, but of course progress with it has been intermittent.

I’m pretty happy with the UI design but it needs some extra polish and bug fixing before the public release.

This is a summary of the most recent changes: gemini://

A new iOS build has also been submitted, but in all likelihood won't be published before tomorrow due to the usual review delay.

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New Android build is available: 1.13b5

This includes all changes from the desktop v1.13 release, and also WebP image decoding is enabled.

@liebach Basically you need some sort of a script that runs when the Titan upload comes in.

I’m using this one for managing my own gemlog: It writes the file contents, commits to Git, and regenerates the index pages.

Perhaps you can adapt that to your needs?

I’m planning to make this booster script an official GmCapsule module at some point.

Another hotfix rolling out:

This one fixes the forgetful font selection and window state restoration problems.

@TritTriton @dvd

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@TritTriton Yeah, the font selection bug is a separate issue. It'll be fixed in 1.13.2.

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