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I haven't just been gemlogging recently, so here's a patch:

- fixed a memory leak in the text renderer
- added option to place new bookmarks to the top
- latest UI strings from Weblate

A small patch today:

Bug fixes:
- text selection regressions (likely occurred in v1.6)
- crash when clicking on Outline items during page load
- Gopher `p` line type not handled

Working on much more flexible fonts for v1.8. The previously hardcoded font library is now defined by a set of .fontpack files.

Use of platform-dependent text/font APIs (i.e., system fonts) is likely too much to include in this release, but now at least you'll be able to freely customize the UI and pages with any TTF fonts you have available.

v1.7.1 is available:

- added feed refresh progress bar
- bookmark list scrolls to show new items
- moving an item to be the last one in a folder

Bug fixes:
- feed entry bookkeeping
- parsing Atom timestamps
- crash when selecting text

Introducing bookmark folders and better popup menus in v1.7:


See the release announcement for all the details. Just uploaded v1.7.0 to and GitHub, download while it's hot! 馃敟

A little teaser: in the upcoming v1.7, you can finally organize your bookmarks into folders.

A first step toward multiple windows in : popup menus that live outside the main window.

On Mac/Windows it makes more sense to use native menus for this, but everywhere else a platform-agnostic method is needed, and this one is purely based on SDL-managed borderless windows.

I've updated the iOS TestFlight build with a bunch of useful improvements:


Most of the changes here are focused on making the UI more consistent and well-behaved throughout the app.

This build also contains a few upcoming v1.7 features: optimized widget drawing, identity selection in Upload dialog, and an image colorization setting.


v1.6.5 is available:

Various minor bug fixes this time. Worth mentioning is the KMSDRM fix, so one can run the app in a console outside X11 and Wayland. (Tested on Raspberry Pi 400.)

This week's patch is out:

v1.6.4 fixes of a mix of old and new issues, including a few found on OpenBSD. I also added detection of UTF-8 text when opening local files, so it isn't restricted to known file extensions.


I continued improving text input fields, and fixed a long-standing issue with delayed refresh after activating split view mode. Also fixed a possible hang if server doesn't respond before the connection is closed.

Built with SDL 2.0.16 for Windows and Mac.

SDL 2.0.16 seems to address the issue has been having with high CPU usage while waiting for events. Looking forward to test this!

The improved Wayland support sounds great, too.

I also note that on Windows there's a way to observe all window messages, which might allow improving the native app behaviors.

Released v1.6.2:

Slightly bigger patch this time:
* text input UX improvements
* fixed more input widget regressions
* improving UI drawing related to buffered visuals
* added `--tab-url`

A couple of quick fixes for , mostly about text input:

The input widget was almost fully rewritten in v1.6 due to changes in text rendering and to better support long multi-line content. It's pretty complex code, so of course we also got many regressions.

Support for bidi text and complex scripts has landed in the dev branch.

I had to make a few more fixes for actual bidi typesetting (direction changes inside the paragraph), but it's starting to look acceptable now.

There was a final wrinkle where HarfBuzz wasn't detecting the script correctly, leading to some Arabic glyphs being wrong. It remains to be seen whether this is a problem with other complex scripts as well.

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is now available as an official Homebrew cask on macOS. 馃嵑馃帀

This is by far the most convenient way to keep the app updated on your Mac.

Fancy a custom UI theme? 馃槑

In v1.6, UI colors can be customized via a config file.

There is a new iOS TestFlight build with significant improvements: swipe navigation, opening files, and MP3 audio control. Many of the internal changes will be coming to the desktop in v1.6 as usual.

Gemlog post & change log:


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