v1.2: It's a Big One


UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.

A small 1.1 patch today:


Bug fixes:
- problems with feed entry highlight/unread status
- Gopher links that contain spaces
- vertical alignment of short pages was too far down

v1.1.3 is out with a few more fixes.


Bug fixes:
- crash on remote bookmark deletion
- possible shutdown crash
- URL decoding vs. reserved chars
- AppImage: improved compatibility
- Windows: portable build uses included "userdata" subdirectory

v1.1.2 adds Linux AppImage and Windows portable ZIP as download options.


Bug fixes:
- Possible crash at launch.
- Misbehaving background tab input queries.
- Scroll position when resizing vertically.
- Feed refresh has a timeout, in case a server doesn't respond.
- Link hover state not cleared.
- Some remote bookmarks were being ignored.

is now available on Flathub.


Flatpak apps are sandboxed so it stores user files in a different place than a regular build. Otherwise works pretty much the same.

I felt could use more 1's so here's v1.1.1.


- check monitor DPI on Linux
- use XDG user directories
- input cycling in dialogs
- issues with "Valid until" in New Identity
- UI drawing glitches
- URI fragment handling
- importing from remote bookmark page

v1.1 has been released:


What's new?
- Import existing X.509 client certificates via the UI.
- Setting for maximum cache size.
- Option to show full URL when hovering over a link.
- Support for Finger links.
- More keybindings: e.g., opening and closing tabs.
- Visual UI improvements.
- Fix for history timestamps that were shifting on every launch.

Read all about v1.1 here: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/202

Got a bunch of bug fixes for you in v1.0.3:


- Improved font glyph caching (more robust, faster, uses less memory).
- Percent-encoding URLs copied to clipboard.
- Trimming feed entry titles.
- Quotes vs. empty lines.
- Redirection in a background tab.
- macOS: "gopher:" scheme handling.

- Omit default port from Gemini URLs.
- Added a build for Apple Silicon (macOS 11.0). Note that this is a separate download.

Welcoming the new year with v1.0.2.


Bug fixes:
- wrong URL in navbar after opening tab in background
- trust server cert with multiple open tabs
- open feed entries with modifier keys
- editing identity notes
- verify domain with CN vs. SAN

Looks like Santa has left a patch under the tree!


Bug fixes:
- Cursor positioning in input fields.
- Percent-encoding query strings.

v1.0 is here.


What's new?
- Remote bookmarks: use links on any Gemini page as additional bookmarks.
- Exporting/importing bookmarks.
- Opening sidebar items in a new/background tab.
- Links with an unrecognized scheme open in the default browser.


Feeling lucky about v0.13. 🍀

What's new?
- IDN: Unicode in domain names.
- Unicode characters shown in URLs.
- Quick search for feed entries.
- UI and text rendering improvements.


Gemlog post:

I released v0.12.1 today.

- Artifacts in Unicode box-drawing characters.
- Show 'text/*' as plain text.
- Truncated tab titles.
- MIME hook issues.
- macOS: Excessive CPU usage when idle.


v0.12 is as cool as a snowy December morning.

What's new?
- Subscribe to headings (e.g., Weiph/pikkulogs).
- New sidebar on the right; dual wield on large screens.
- MIME hooks: preprocess Gemini responses on client-side.
- Prominent TLS certificate warning.
- Bug fixes and smaller enhancements.


v0.11 is a hefty update.


What's new?
- Subscribe to Gemini feeds!
- "about:feeds" shows a CAPCOM-like feed entry list.
- Scrolling preformatted blocks if too wide.
- Many UI refinements.
- Fixed downloading of large files.
- Improved stability.

v0.10 is out with many small improvements.


What's new?
- Inline image option: Space/↓ loads next image instead of scrolling, if an image link is visible.
- New link navigation mode for the home row keys.
- Erase/reset keybindings.
- Added Gemini proxy setting.
- Font update.
- Fixes for URI parsing.
- Small UI enhancements.

Here is v0.9.


What's new?
- Option for monospace body text.
- Navigating to parent directory or site root.
- Gopher fixes: command line URLs, .desktop file.
- Various bug fixes.

v0.8 has been released.


What's new?
- Support for Gopher.
- 8-bit ANSI foreground colors. (Previously only 16 colors.)
- More keybindings and an option to disable smooth scrolling.
- Bug fixes, and UI/HTTP improvements.

🔥 hotfixes:

v0.7.2: Fixed truncated pages on some servers; handling closing of TLS/SSL connection.

v0.7.1: Compiling on OpenBSD; with LibreSSL; fixed a number of crashes.


A spooky v0.7 has escaped from its crypt!


What's new?
- Keybindings in Preferences (for scrolling; more to come later).
- "New Identity" button in sidebar.
- Faster UI drawing.
- Various bug fixes, e.g., window redrawing, reporting TLS errors.

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