Support for bidi text and complex scripts has landed in the dev branch.

I had to make a few more fixes for actual bidi typesetting (direction changes inside the paragraph), but it's starting to look acceptable now.

There was a final wrinkle where HarfBuzz wasn't detecting the script correctly, leading to some Arabic glyphs being wrong. It remains to be seen whether this is a problem with other complex scripts as well.

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is now available as an official Homebrew cask on macOS. 馃嵑馃帀

This is by far the most convenient way to keep the app updated on your Mac.

Fancy a custom UI theme? 馃槑

In v1.6, UI colors can be customized via a config file.

There is a new iOS TestFlight build with significant improvements: swipe navigation, opening files, and MP3 audio control. Many of the internal changes will be coming to the desktop in v1.6 as usual.

Gemlog post & change log:


v1.5.2 is available:

This patch contains various small tweaks:
- fixed importing certs via Ctrl/Cmd+V
- workaround for decomposited Unicode characters
- StartupWMClass in .desktop file
- recognize a couple new custom link icons
- more Smol Emoji

I like this part of debugging where I get to listen to @konpeito for an extended period of time to see whether will start overheating my phone CPU. 馃幍馃帶

Resource update for v1.5:

This patch has updated UI translations and a couple of new Smol Emoji glyphs.

v1.5 is now available with several UI improvements.

- improved identity management
- multi-line text input
- query response length indicator
- animated sidebars and dialogs
- custom fallback font
- Gempub navigation

The weekly patch is out:

Mostly addressing regressions caused by the introduction of split view mode. For example, on first run, the UI color palette was not initialized so everything was black! Dark mode is cool but that's a little too much. 馃槑

If anyone wants to test multiline text input on iOS, there's a new TestFlight build available: 1.4 (7).

The iOS keyboard is so fiddly that I've set the sw keyboard "return" key to insert a line break by default instead of sending the request. This may still change if I figure out how to modify the keyboard.

Other updates include an improved Settings view and of course split view (for iPad).

A new patch is available:

Bug fixes:
- UI glitches when closing all tabs in left split
- active tab no longer active after unsplitting
- tab pinning indicator
- sidebars becoming unresponsive
- Preferences > Keys scrollbar not shown
- Gopher: monospace font for visited links

It's patch time again:

In addition to an updated French translation and allowing `*.tld` certificates, there are a few bug fixes:

- audio player doesn't play when there are parameters in the MIME type
- potential crash after a redirect
- issues with rapid network requests (e.g., accessing a local server)
- minor stability improvements

A little survey: if you鈥檙e on X11 or Wayland, is the default UI scaling reasonable in your opinion? (v1.3.2 or later)

Released a small v1.3 patch yesterday:

- added UI languages (work in progress): French, German
- added environment variable LAGRANGE_OVERRIDE_DPI (see Help)
- back/forward buttons disabled when appropriate
- bug fixes: errors handling IPv6 addresses; crash during launch or when closing a tab

A few more semi-urgent fixes for v1.3:

Bug fixes:
- crash after upgrading from v1.2
- pixel ratio and display DPI were being conflated
- sidebar width changes when switching displays
- using Tab in keybindings
- bookmarking feed entries
- UI string updates
- custom Emoji link label trimming
- max window size limited by first display (on Windows)

The Flathub build of Lagrange now additionally includes a version for 32-bit ARM, which means you can install it on Raspberry Pi running a 32-bit OS.

Runs great on my Raspberry Pi 400.

v1.3.1 is out with two new UI languages and some cleanup.

- Serbian and Interlingue as UI languages
- setting for bold links
- new version of the default Nunito font

Bug fixes:
- crash during word wrapping
- keybindings conflict with home row navigation
- broken kerning, various other artifacts in text rendering

Overview of v1.3 (gemlog post)

Version 1.3 has wide-ranging improvements that touch on all facets of the application. Now I regret calling v1.2 a "Big One" because this release eclipses it quite easily. 馃槃


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