It's patch time again:

In addition to an updated French translation and allowing `*.tld` certificates, there are a few bug fixes:

- audio player doesn't play when there are parameters in the MIME type
- potential crash after a redirect
- issues with rapid network requests (e.g., accessing a local server)
- minor stability improvements

A little survey: if you’re on X11 or Wayland, is the default UI scaling reasonable in your opinion? (v1.3.2 or later)

Released a small v1.3 patch yesterday:

- added UI languages (work in progress): French, German
- added environment variable LAGRANGE_OVERRIDE_DPI (see Help)
- back/forward buttons disabled when appropriate
- bug fixes: errors handling IPv6 addresses; crash during launch or when closing a tab

A few more semi-urgent fixes for v1.3:

Bug fixes:
- crash after upgrading from v1.2
- pixel ratio and display DPI were being conflated
- sidebar width changes when switching displays
- using Tab in keybindings
- bookmarking feed entries
- UI string updates
- custom Emoji link label trimming
- max window size limited by first display (on Windows)

The Flathub build of Lagrange now additionally includes a version for 32-bit ARM, which means you can install it on Raspberry Pi running a 32-bit OS.

Runs great on my Raspberry Pi 400.

v1.3.1 is out with two new UI languages and some cleanup.

- Serbian and Interlingue as UI languages
- setting for bold links
- new version of the default Nunito font

Bug fixes:
- crash during word wrapping
- keybindings conflict with home row navigation
- broken kerning, various other artifacts in text rendering

Overview of v1.3 (gemlog post)

Version 1.3 has wide-ranging improvements that touch on all facets of the application. Now I regret calling v1.2 a "Big One" because this release eclipses it quite easily. 😄


The next release of arrives as March draws to a close:

There's lots to unpack here: UI localization, LibreTranslate integration, collapsing preformatted blocks, alt text, trust via CAs, theme adjustments, bold link appearance with custom icons, touch screen support, runtime UI rescaling, word/paragraph selection, unread feed entry counter, basic command line use, and several UI improvements.

If you'd like to help translate to new languages, please visit the recently opened Weblate site:

Contact me if you want to contribute translations. (By default, the site is suggest-only.)

First ten days of TestFlight (gemlog post)

Development has been pretty active but I'm still undecided about the phone UI. Writing a universal app remains a challenge. This has been a nice way to test 1.3 features for the desktop, though.

Trying out LibreTranslate in . It’s still a bit hit-and-miss, and I’m not sure how well the self-hosted instance will hold up, but it does work. Coming up in v1.3!

Tightening a few more screws. 🔧🐛

Bug fixes:
- XML parsing hangs
- visible Gemtext markup with Monospace Body
- bookmarking wrapped links
- non-advancing monospace glyphs
- CMake safeguards

The first beta build of for iOS is now on TestFlight.

Join now and not only will you get a preview of v1.3, but you'll also get to enjoy a variety of exciting bugs. Will it crash and burn?

A little v1.3 preview.

I'm a big fan of icons in menus. It's so much faster to recognize items by the icon than to actually read the label text.

I added these for the mobile version but they are useful and nice on the desktop, too.

v1.2.2 is available.

This patch has stability improvements and assorted minor changes.

I ran the app through Valgrind and it pointed out a couple of potential problems that are now fixed.

The "Monospace body" option now disables whitespace normalization. This differentiates it from using Iosevka as the body font.

v1.2: It's a Big One

UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.

A small 1.1 patch today:

Bug fixes:
- problems with feed entry highlight/unread status
- Gopher links that contain spaces
- vertical alignment of short pages was too far down

v1.1.3 is out with a few more fixes.

Bug fixes:
- crash on remote bookmark deletion
- possible shutdown crash
- URL decoding vs. reserved chars
- AppImage: improved compatibility
- Windows: portable build uses included "userdata" subdirectory

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