If you have missing glyphs (Emoji in particular) in , this may help: git.skyjake.fi/gemini/font-lib

It's a shell/Python script that downloads Symbola from UFAS and converts it to TrueType (using "fonttools"). You can then drag-and-drop the .ttf on the Lagrange window to install it.

(Requires python3 and pip3.)

Symbola is quite a nice Unicode 13 compatible font, but available only for personal use so I can't put it in the Font Library.

Released a patch for v1.10:


This fixes the disappearing Feeds tab actions and a potential crash when downloading large files.

v1.10 arrives on the desktop with a slew of bug fixes and improvements:


Most notably: customizable toolbar buttons, switching between alternative identities, better image inlining, improved link hover info, page caching and context menu fixes, opening files in another app, "Show in File Manager", and trackpad swipe navigation on macOS.

I set up an F-Droid repository for the alpha/beta testing:


Configuring this was a bit of an adventure, but it seems to work now?

Currently it has the latest build (1.10a3) that you may already have installed. Let's see how well this works once I post a new build at some point.

Two patches for the price of one!


v1.9.4 and v1.9.5:
- crash when page has an URL-less link line
- home row navigation vs. bindings and macOS menus
- built with SDL 2.0.18
- reverted a line drawing workaround meant for SDL 2.0.16
- updated UI translations

Android Alpha 3


This should fix the vertical offset problem and other screen orientation related issues. There's also a useful new feature: the leftmost two toolbar buttons can be configured in Settings > UI.

Updated Android alpha build:


This one is based on the latest SDL and seems a lot more reliable. Landscape orientation is enabled, and so is bidi text and native binaries for all CPU archs.

Let me know if you had vertical touch/toolbar offset issues and those still continue.

Android Alpha


Here is the first publicly available build of for Android. It is an ALPHA build; things are still broken.

Let me know if you can get it up and running on your (32-bit ARM) Android devices. Future builds will include x86 and 64-bit ARM binaries as well.

The elves brought us a patch, straight from the North Pole! 馃巵


Added Dutch UI translation. Bug fixes: non-HarfBuzz text rendering; certificate "valid from" time; selecting identity scope on macOS.

PGP signatures now available for each file.

New patch released:


Windows update checks should now use the right version number. Plus some minor fixes, and updated UI translations.

馃摫 The intermittent iOS beta work continues.


Native iOS text entry (!), redesigned sidebar, bookmark organization, revised client cert UI, pull to refresh, WebP support, and various smaller UI tweaks.

There were some crashers in v1.9 so here's an early 1st patch:


Bug fixes:
- crash when creating a bookmark
- tab button layout with many tabs open
- page timestamp missing

H3 is now indented with text lines so all levels have a unique look.

I've released v1.9. 鉁


Automatic updates on Windows and Mac, UI improvements, page theme tuning, 24-bit ANSI colors, ANSI background color, and various bug fixes.

v1.8.3 is out:


This fixes a regression with mouse events related to the page top banner, and simplifies Titan upload identity selection so it is site-specific and not URL-specific.

v1.8.2 is available:


Didn't have much time this week, but some useful fixes nonetheless:

- `+` in query strings (e.g., Station)
- error message titles
- duplicate font menu items
- crash when a font file is missing
- manually trusting a certificate

馃敡 v1.8.1 is available:


A new armhf AppImage is now included, built on Raspbian 10 (Buster). It was added because Flathub has deprecated 32-bit Raspi builds.

- fixed issues with popup menus, socket I/O
- macOS: tab close buttons on the left
- new UI languages: Czech, Hungarian

v1.8 "Fonts and Warnings" is out: 馃懟


This release focuses on a customizable font library, and improves the appearance and behavior of warnings and error messages. Thanks to the unbundled fonts, this release is the slimmest one yet.

It's wonderful that the Noto fonts are under SIL OFL.

Preparing these for the v1.8 release...

Putting finishing touches on v1.8.

This time, there are truly breaking changes: the old font library is removed and becomes an optional download, meaning that CJK, Arabic, and the other extra fonts are not part of the binary packages.

However, I've tried to make it an easy transition: after upgrading, you will be offered to download and install the old fonts separately (via Gemini). It only takes two presses of the Enter key.

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