iOS port progressing... "Colorful Light" is a bit too much on a large monitor, but on a phone it seems quite delightful.

Having a great deal of fun porting Lagrange to iOS. 📲

SDL & custom UI makes this pretty painless, but of course there is no support for things like OS accessibility features or media playback.

Even without those this is already quite usable, especially on the iPad. Plenty of work left to refine the UI for a phone, though.

I expect most of this is directly applicable to Android as well, as long as I figure out how to compile all the dependencies.

Getting closer to a final design.

It's impossible to replicate native behavior exactly while working behind SDL APIs, but I'm pretty happy with how it's working now.

Still need to add a toggle in Preferences to disable the custom frame.

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On Windows, the default title bar of an SDL app has always bothered me with its ugliness, so I decided to experiment with a custom one.

Here is a very early preview of what it might look like.

I like these too much to stop now, but my goodness there is a lot of behavior that one has to handle manually without a standard title bar. 😅

I would love to see Lagrange running on all kinds of devices. Using C and SDL makes this achievable — exhibit A: the app on 2017 iPad Pro.

The more mobile things get, the more one needs to adapt the UI and behavior. You get a lot of stuff for free with native UI components, but with custom UI and SDL there's none of that.

Just getting the code to run is the easy part, and I'm happy to report that it runs smoothly.

Some M1 goodness. 🍎

I'll probably make a separate arm64 build for Big Sur and later, in addition to the current Intel 10.13 build.

v1.0 is here.

What's new?
- Remote bookmarks: use links on any Gemini page as additional bookmarks.
- Exporting/importing bookmarks.
- Opening sidebar items in a new/background tab.
- Links with an unrecognized scheme open in the default browser.

Feeling lucky about v0.13. 🍀

What's new?
- IDN: Unicode in domain names.
- Unicode characters shown in URLs.
- Quick search for feed entries.
- UI and text rendering improvements.

Gemlog post:

v0.12 is as cool as a snowy December morning.

What's new?
- Subscribe to headings (e.g., Weiph/pikkulogs).
- New sidebar on the right; dual wield on large screens.
- MIME hooks: preprocess Gemini responses on client-side.
- Prominent TLS certificate warning.
- Bug fixes and smaller enhancements.

v0.11 is a hefty update.

What's new?
- Subscribe to Gemini feeds!
- "about:feeds" shows a CAPCOM-like feed entry list.
- Scrolling preformatted blocks if too wide.
- Many UI refinements.
- Fixed downloading of large files.
- Improved stability.

v0.10 is out with many small improvements.

What's new?
- Inline image option: Space/↓ loads next image instead of scrolling, if an image link is visible.
- New link navigation mode for the home row keys.
- Erase/reset keybindings.
- Added Gemini proxy setting.
- Font update.
- Fixes for URI parsing.
- Small UI enhancements.

Here is v0.9.

What's new?
- Option for monospace body text.
- Navigating to parent directory or site root.
- Gopher fixes: command line URLs, .desktop file.
- Various bug fixes.

v0.8 has been released.

What's new?
- Support for Gopher.
- 8-bit ANSI foreground colors. (Previously only 16 colors.)
- More keybindings and an option to disable smooth scrolling.
- Bug fixes, and UI/HTTP improvements.

A spooky v0.7 has escaped from its crypt!

What's new?
- Keybindings in Preferences (for scrolling; more to come later).
- "New Identity" button in sidebar.
- Faster UI drawing.
- Various bug fixes, e.g., window redrawing, reporting TLS errors.

I've released v0.6.

What's new?
- 7 color themes to choose from. You can go all black now, for example.
- Smoother scrolling with gentle, natural motion.
- Page load progress indicator.
- Icon/vertical line option for quotes.
- Bug fixes.

The ~weekly pace of releases continues: v0.5 is out!

- MP3 audio support
- volume control in the audio player
- added two new serif fonts
- separate heading/body font selection
- middle mouse button for links and pasting
- Windows binaries are signed, come with installer

Just released v0.4:

New in this version:
- audio playback (Ogg Vorbis, WAV)
- Windows HiDPI support
- visual improvements
- bug fixes

v0.3 is available:

This time focusing on appearance customization. Also added new elements for wide layouts (site icon, current heading, scrollbar hover outline).

A new version of my little client is available:

New in v0.2: save to downloads, mailto links, homepage tag, macOS touch bar.

First ever screenshot of the new renderer running in . Nothing is quite right here yet...

There is still a long journey ahead. The new library has map geometry loaded, with some textures, and is drawing frames. However:

- coordinate system is messed up (map is tiny!)
- skybox uses a placeholder texture
- no entities in the map
- no light sources (needs entities)
- no dynamic updates of entity/plane positions
- some menu/HUD gfx still depend on old renderer

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