Hey there @jk,

About my gemlog post on Lagrange and bloat. From your response, I don't think you took it personally or insultingly, but it seems that others may have taken it that way? Regardless, I want to clarify: I meant no personal or professional insults towards you or the app. I was just trying to start a constructive conversation.

If you'd prefer, I can do a longer gemlog post to clarify.

Thank you for the thoughtful gemlog reply, and thanks for an awesome product.

- ainent


@ainent No worries. Regarding bloat, I think there’s too much subjectivity involved so further discussion may not yield much value, and it’s not like anyone is using Electron here.

If you have more thoughts about the coexistence of Gemini and the other smol protocols, maybe that’s a direction that needs more attention. So far each protocol has a clear technical justification, though.

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