New Android build is available: 1.13b5

This includes all changes from the desktop v1.13 release, and also WebP image decoding is enabled.

A new iOS build has also been submitted, but in all likelihood won't be published before tomorrow due to the usual review delay.

@jk is there a TestFlight somewhere I could participate in? Or is this about the actual release?? 😮

@jk Lagrange on iOS? Wow! I’m beyond happy for this.

@omz13 The TestFlight has been going for over a year now, but of course progress with it has been intermittent.

I’m pretty happy with the UI design but it needs some extra polish and bug fixing before the public release.

This is a summary of the most recent changes: gemini://

@jk Guess I am somewhat late to this party; my focus has been elsewhere. Oops! But what I see is really nice. If there was a way to sync between the desktop and iOS versions that would be fantastic, but I suspect not so easy to do.

@omz13 Continuous sync requires a reliable server of some sort, so there would be ongoing maintenance costs. It’s currently not feasible.

However, you can do manual sync with the user data export/import feature.

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