@jk Found 2 bugs in Lagrange 1.13.1:
– UI and content font are set back to Roboto at startup (even if we set it again to another font)
– tabs are not restored after close and restart, despite the setting to do it is on: Lagrange shows an empty page with “gemini://” in the URL bar.

@TritTriton Thanks for reporting.

With the second issue, are you closing the app by closing the window, or via the Quit menu item (or Ctrl+Q, ⌘Q)?

@jk Closing the app with the “X” button.

Ctrl-Q (I’m using the Linux AppImage release) keeps the last tabs opened, indeed. But I don’t see why these two methods for closing the app would have different results.

@TritTriton It's a bug... On macOS, the app can now keep running after all the windows are closed. The related changes apparently broke the state saving on other platforms.

Will fix.

@jk Thank you!

But the font bug is not “fixed” with Ctrl-Q.


@TritTriton Yeah, the font selection bug is a separate issue. It'll be fixed in 1.13.2.

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