v1.13: Curses TUI, Spartan, Emoji


Time for a new release: Curses TUI (source build only in this version), better keyboard UI navigation, support for Spartan, Emoji for Unicode 14, bookmark indicator, viewing pages as plain/styled text, reopening last closed tab. A few bug fixes, too.

If you build the TUI version, let me know how it works in your favorite terminal.

However, first check the gemlog post for the list of planned improvements / known issues.

Welp, v1.13.1 is out, too:

When working on the TUI, I pulled the text renderer apart to separate the graphical stuff from the more abstract code. Hopefully this was the only remaining regression. 🤞

Another hotfix rolling out:

This one fixes the forgetful font selection and window state restoration problems.

@TritTriton @dvd

@jk >reopening last closed tab
Oh nice, I was missing this feature during heavy petal picking.


Big problems on macOS :

- The font settings seem not to be applied.

- Clicking on the Preferences menu item closes the app.

@dvd Hmm, I can produce this if I try running with an empty runtime directory.

I'll fix it...


OK, thanks. For the moment, I stay on version 1.12.



- The preferences panel opens normally. 👌

- My custom fonts have been replaced by the default fonts (Roboto and Iosevka).

@dvd 👍

The font selection issue will be fixed in the next patch, I've already found what's causing it.

@dvd Haha, could've maybe found these problems before the release if I worked a bit slower. 😄

@jk so you're telling me the best GUI Gemini client is now also the best CLI Gemini client?? :mastodance:

@jk Lagrange is a good example when software is piece of art! Estetically and functional. Thnx!

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