The GmCapsule / Titan server source repository is now public.

It has been running unattended for a couple of months, so the worst initial bugs seem to be gone. It is only at v0.1, though; I've got plenty of ideas for modules to add.

The requirements are a ~recent version of Python 3 and pyOpenSSL >= 21.

Repository (Python sources):

GmCapsule introduction:


Why you might want to use this:

- supports both Gemini and Titan
- written entirely in Python, with minimal dependencies (pyOpenSSL is required for more advanced SSL certificate handling)
- easy to use for serving simple static files
- flexible and extensible: CGI programs and full-fledged Python modules

Why you might want to NOT use this:

- can be heavy: uses Python and more memory than native code
- early development; no official release yet

@jk I know it's an odd request, but I'd like to experiment with gemini over amateur radio.

but we can't use encryption

is it possible to tell the server (or any other gemini server?) to use "none" as the cypher ?


TLS is mandatory with Gemini.

Perhaps you’d like to look into Gopher? Or Spartan for a more modern alternative.

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