v1.12: Export/Import, Bottom Bars, Visual Evolution


Export/import user data, new default fonts, bottom nav/tab bars, improved UI appearance, new accent colors, new Oceanic theme, option for justified paragraphs.

I'm working on updated Android/iOS builds that have the import feature enabled.

Also, on Windows there appears to be a path handling bug that prevents importing identities while everything else is imported correctly... Fix will be available shortly.


Android Beta 4 is available, along with a new iOS build.


This one has native file pickers, so not only can you export and import user data, you can also save any downloaded page, import client certs from files, and upload files with Titan.

@jk tried to add repository but it stuck on enabling (switch is on). Maybe I'm not good on Fdroid but maybe it is known issue? Before you told about workaround but now I can't find them. I'd like to have updates. Installed directly by apk and it works grate.

@zordsdavini Not sure what's up with that... Once the repo is added, F-Droid just makes a simple HTTPS request to the GitHub-hosted web page to get the info. The old workaround is no longer needed because the invalid mirrors are no longer included in the repo metadata.

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