Beta 2 is now available with a few input field fixes. If the app was ignoring what was entered, this may help.

The APK link on the gemlog post was updated.

@jk looks great! One note that you probably already know, scrolling acceleration don't seem to work currently.

@zethra Thanks! Yeah, acceleration isn’t implemented for iOS either… I’ll refine these details in time.

@jk Hi. It runs on my /e/ OS Fairphone with Android 9, but crashes when running on my Android 8.1 Samsung tablet, where I newly installed it today. It crashes when I try to insert an url by hand, after about a second. It seems, that the listing of the history does not work. At least it does not appear on the tablet. Then the app crashes.

@mado Does it crash in Settings if you enter text in, say, the Search URL field?

Some phones seem to have a problem with the lookup results, but I don’t have any clues about what could be causing it. Perhaps with more testing I can reproduce the issue on my device or in the emulator.

How is the storage configuration on those devices? Maybe I’ll need to be more careful about internal/external storage, for example.

@mado Please test Beta 3.

There's a fix for a string formatting issue that may have caused crashes on older/32-bit Android releases.

@jk #Lagrange runs now without any crashes. This is version 1.12 (B3)

Thanks so much! It is so great to see that there is such an active development for a #Gemini browser on Android.

@mado Nice! I hope this took care of the common crashes people have been having.

@jk Just discovered this and it looks really good. Giving it a spin and everything is great so far. Thanks!

@jk Looks good! It's nice having things like swipe typing, suggestions, and native cursor control in text fields now.

I seem to have run into a bug that keeps me from submitting text fields though. At least both the address bar and input fields in pages are affected. With the input fields it seems that blank input is getting passed to the URL.

@moddedBear How about in Settings, or Find in Page? Any input fields work there?

What is your keyboard configuration? I’ve mostly been testing with the default google keyboard so far.

@jk It's the same there as well. The fields will clear when I try to submit or just unfocus them.

I'm on a Google Pixel 4XL with Android 12 and using Gboard, but it also happens with another keyboard I have installed.

@moddedBear Thanks for the mentioning the specs. 👍 I can reproduce the problem in the emulator now, a fix shouldn't be too difficult.

@moddedBear Beta 2 is now available. Does it work any better for you?

@jk Seems to be working perfectly! Thanks for the quick fix.

@jk I intended to come here to message you about not being able to paste in android address bar but I will try new beta now. Thanks for making Lagrange and your other Gemini projects.

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