Android Alpha 7 ( v1.12 Preview)


v1.12 will have some new visuals: Roboto as default, paragraph justification, bottom URL/tab bars, new "Oceanic" color theme, and improvements for the other themes.

A side benefit of moving everything to the hideable bottom bar is that you can get a fullscreen view for reading.

@jk The Fullscreen view would be more seamless if the color of the status bar on Android matched with the page color (Like it is on your first screenshot). That way the bar world be less distracting.
Is it possible when you are not using kotlin?

@scientiac Will have to look into it… I tried a few different status bar modes before, but that was with an older SDL release and it messed up the screen layout a bit. I’ll make a note to try again.

@jk downloading this to try!

Chicken/egg problem though in requiring a gemini client to read up on a gemini client. Eapecially on android where the ecosystem is uh...not great.

Though i just found Buran, which seems fun!

Oh, I finally got a chance to try this on my phone. Very nice and slick. Thank you.

Congratulations and best wishes for future. Lagrange is a wonderful piece of software. Actually, it is much better than the geminispace itself, which lacks any kind of useful or interesting contents.

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