Considering new default fonts for in v1.12.

The trajectory here is toward using whatever system UI font the OS provides, but that won't be implemented on every platform, nor will be ready for use very soon. In the meantime, switching to Segoe UI on Windows and Roboto everywhere else gets pretty close to the mark.


Roboto is not that far off from the iOS/Mac San Francisco, slightly more angular and a bit taller, but it does make the app feel decidedly Android-ish. Compared to Source Sans, it's a much better match with the system UI, though.

Also, the font renderer lacks hinting and subpixel antialiasing, so on normal-density displays it won't be as "sharp" as the system-provided labels. This may be distracting with Segoe on Windows.

@jk I think using system fonts of at least offering them as an option would be a great choice. They are top notch fonts and apps integrate much better into the surrounding OS.

On websites this also saves a ton of KByte.

@bearislive Yes. The only roadblock and the reason I haven’t already switched to system fonts is that it requires native APIs on some platforms, like macOS/iOS.

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