Cosmos: Threaded view of Geminispace


Here's my attempt to show discussion threads across Geminispace.

@jk Is there a way to know what fonts to install in Lagrange to be able to view missing glyphs?

@jcromero Not currently. The “Noto Sans set” provides a pretty good coverage, though.

I’m thinking about adding some indexing/lookup mechanism in the Font Library that could help with finding a matching font.

Is there a way to use it to check responces to our older logs?

@deerbard By default it discovers only posts that are currently listed on aggregators. In some cases (e.g., via Spacewalk), it can also check the individual gemlog index pages.

It doesn't actively crawl to discover all existing gemlogs and their posts, but I can manually add gemfeed sources that list more entries, if you have some.

The feed must be in the YYYY-MM-DD Gemini format, though, Atom/RSS are not supported.

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