F-Droid Adventure


Making a properly functioning F-Droid repository for was a bit more challenging than anticipated.

@jk with you having set it all up, it feels quite seamless - I just had to delete the spurious mirrors in F-Droid and then it detected an update for the .apk I already downloaded. 🎉

@jk Thank you for going through all this for us! 👌As a side note: I've bricked Lagrange on my phone after copy/paste the Gemini url from your post into the addressbar. Android decides to trim the last part of the url after the _ (because it looks like a phone number?). Lagrange crashed with that incomplete URL and because Lagrange will open the last URL after restart, it will crash immediately after evert start 🙈 After cleaning the app cache, it worked again (of cause).

@f 😅 Well, the recreated repo at should open in the web browser as intended, sidestepping any copy/paste problems.

@jk I don't manage to add the repo. My f-droid can not scan. If I use a qr code scanner, I end up with a link with a fingerprint in the end. Trying to add it manually, link and fingerprint separated, still does not work. What do I need to do to get it going?


@mado @f Did you try clicking on the “Add to F-Droid” button on the webpage: ?

@jk It works, too easy for me, as it seems. :-D


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