Android Alpha 3


This should fix the vertical offset problem and other screen orientation related issues. There's also a useful new feature: the leftmost two toolbar buttons can be configured in Settings > UI.

@jk alignment looks spot on now! Thanks a lot!

As a side note, I don't really understand how to fix the font issue... I've installed the legacy pack and all of noto sans but the footer still doesn't work on gemini://

@jk Auto-rotation setting obeyed now. Thanks.
By the way, I cannot open gemini links in other apps, and "Open file" doesn't work, either. Are these known issues?

@jcromero Yeah, those need Android-specific code.

Declaring the app as a Gemini URL handler shouldn’t be too difficult, though.

@jk so cool to use the same gemini browser on android as on the pinephone. and we don't need to build up the "critical fork kraft" for a new ariane ;)

@jcromero The Java app (largely unmodified from SDL) and the Gradle project are still in a private repo, pending a little cleanup.

Otherwise all the code is currently in the “work/v1.10” branch of the main Lagrange repo.

@jk will be lagrange in f-droid store? If it could be added, we can test

@zordsdavini It’s certainly a possibility, but I’ll have to look into the specifics for any additional requirements.

@jk i'm waiting for Android app. Thanks for your job just installed and omg this is soooo lovely thank uuu

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