Updated Android alpha build:

This one is based on the latest SDL and seems a lot more reliable. Landscape orientation is enabled, and so is bidi text and native binaries for all CPU archs.

Let me know if you had vertical touch/toolbar offset issues and those still continue.

@M0YNG I managed to get the Android emulator working and found what was causing the offset issue.

Alpha build 3 will be coming in a few days.

@jk I just want to say I really appreciate how visible the scroll bar is!

@jk Lagrange is not obeying my "Auto-rotate off" setting. Is this a known issue for you?

@jcromero On Android? This appears to be a "feature" of SDL. Lagrange currently does nothing to influence the orientation.

At some point, I'll see if it's possible to hack SDL to respect the Android auto-rotate preference, or apply some other workaround. In the meantime it's pretty easy to add a UI setting in the app where you can pick which orientations are allowed.

@jk Yes, on Android 10. It seems SDL doesn't respect auto-rotate setting.

@jcromero I checked SDL’s Android code and think I found the problem. It seems it always overrides the app’s orientation preference with a predefined value that allows sensor-based rotation.

I’ll change it for alpha 3 and let’s see if it works as intended.

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