Android Alpha

Here is the first publicly available build of for Android. It is an ALPHA build; things are still broken.

Let me know if you can get it up and running on your (32-bit ARM) Android devices. Future builds will include x86 and 64-bit ARM binaries as well.

I should also mention that HarfBuzz is disabled in this build, so there is no RTL support.

The Back button works for me sometimes as expected, but not always.

Another little detail that I forgot to mention: this has been built with min API level 19, so Android 4.4 or later is the requirement.

@jk Works smooth on my xiaomi redmi for an alpha version! Thank you!

Small bug report: Crash when opening images.

@jk It opens and works but crashes when trying to open settings. The scrolling and selection feel off, probably because they aren't native.

@jk The acceleration of the scrolling is different than everything else and the overscroll at the bottom feels more like iOS than android.

@easrng You’re absolutely right. There is zero native UI code here, and the mobile variant has been thus far tuned only for iOS.

In the future I’ll adapt it closer to Android behavior, but there are bigger fish to fry first.

@jk The emoji test page crashes it. I'm on a Moto G5+ (codename potter). Here's the log:

@jk installed fine on my #Xiaomi #MiA1, and loaded @kelbot 's gem-port just fine. :)
(Did complain about missing fonts, even after installing all available font-packs, but that's probably a matter of finding the right font that actually has that glyph. IIRC I have the same issue on Windows anyway.)

@jk it did crash the first time I tried to save a bookmark; next time went fine though.
May some kind of crash report could be a handy option?

I have some more UX suggestions, but since this is just an early build, I'll just first await its further development. :)

@FiXato Oh yeah, it did crash once for me too when bookmarking.

I’ll look into crash reporting, that would indeed be very useful info.

back button indeed was not always working as expected, for instance in settings submenus I expected to go back to the previous menu, rather than closing settings altogether.

@jk installs fine on my pixel 2.
there is a bug where extra padding left between the bottom bar and the android navbar.

@jk touch input acts like things are not shifted up.

@foura I debugged this in a Pixel 2 emulator and found the problem. New build coming in a few days.

@jk I use Lagrange on GNU/Linux.
In my Huawei Honor 6 with Android 6.0 it works very well, and does not crash when open a picture or add bookmarks.
Thanks for this christmas presents.

@jk alignment seems off on my fairphone. I have to tap slightly below the link

@M0YNG A few people have reported misalignments. I suspect the touch coordinates are being calculated based on the full screen (incl. software buttons) and not the app window area…

@jk that feels right. If I have a list of links and I tap on the second it will visit the first, which is approximately the same difference as the height of my phone's status bar

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