There were some crashers in v1.9 so here's an early 1st patch:

Bug fixes:
- crash when creating a bookmark
- tab button layout with many tabs open
- page timestamp missing

H3 is now indented with text lines so all levels have a unique look.

I'm happy to report that at least for me the automatic update succeeded pretty nicely. Of course, there are a few glitches:

On Windows, 1.9.1 seems to think it's 1.9 and it keeps reporting the update. Will need to check what's up... Also, the app doesn't seem to relaunch automatically afterwards.

On macOS, after updating the app was restarted behind other windows.

A nice bonus on macOS: delta updates are supported, so the download should be fast!

@jk Is Homebrew still on 1.8.3 or have I just got a config issue on my Mac?

@milkb0at Yes, Homebrew isn’t updated yet.

I’ll need to update the cask script, I think there’s an extra parameter that should be set when the app can update itself.

@jk Great, thanks. 👍🏻 Good luck with that.


Very fast update indeed! No trouble for me on macOS 10.14. At relaunch, the app opened on top of other windows.

Thanks for the nice job! I love Lagrange.

@dvd That’s great. Maybe it was a Monterey issue for me? We’ll see I guess.

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