Putting finishing touches on v1.8.

This time, there are truly breaking changes: the old font library is removed and becomes an optional download, meaning that CJK, Arabic, and the other extra fonts are not part of the binary packages.

However, I've tried to make it an easy transition: after upgrading, you will be offered to download and install the old fonts separately (via Gemini). It only takes two presses of the Enter key.

The end goal is to greatly expand the font library in the future. Obviously having all the fonts bundled with the app was never a scalable solution...

The only concern is whether my server can handle all the downloads since fontpacks can be several MBs in size. I may need to set up a mirror or two somewhere.

@jk If you need a mirror, I can have one.

@elmau Great! After the release, I'll see how the server holds up and set up mirroring instructions as needed.

@elmau Server seems to be holding up well. I'll still need to think about the page organization a bit more to make it more amenable to mirroring... There's always the option of dumping all of it into a Git repo. The files can be large but won't change often.

@jk 👍 ok, I will clone in my server git

I had a problem upgrading some weeks ago. I'm slow. Need something like a dmg to download and click on. No tech stuff. :)

@zudn Hopefully you got it working in the end.

A standard .dmg installer is actually a good idea, I should provide those in addition to the compressed app bundles.

@jk Thanks. I think I just kept using it as is.
I see you big guys doing stuff and say, Hey, I want that! :)

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