@jk Please don’t render bold, italic etc in gemtext the way 1.8 does according to your blogpost.

@Sandra Please elaborate, what is your reasoning here?

@jk I believe it’ll lead to more in-the-wild use, which, if true, is bad for other (non-terminal) clients and for (some) screenreaders. Unlike HTML, they don’t gracefully degrade. I don’t think they’re that hard to produce/emit on the server side so that’s not enough of a deterrent for them.

@Sandra ok, I can see how ANSI font style escapes should at least be optional and off by default for gemtext.

Doesn’t this reasoning extend to all of the escapes, though? Like AstroBotany’s use of color escapes in the Koi pond page?

I should add an option to filter those out, too.


@Sandra You probably won't like it. 🙂

In AstroBotany's favor, it does have an account setting to disable ANSI escapes.

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