What if... we had Markdown as a first-class citizen of Geminispace?


I'm feeling a bit conflicted about this, but ultimately it's up to you to decide which format suits your content the best.

@lutindiscret Yeah, using a well-defined spec as a reference is certainly the wisest approach.

Although I wouldn’t want to implement the full CommonMark spec in its entirety…

@jk well partial support is quite a pain for content creator.

If you can't write something without being anxious about it not being rendered correctly in some browser (and when you fix, it breaks in other browsers...).

You might be recreating what made the web a painful platform: spending more time to fix browser-compatibility issues than enjoying content creation. IMO, that would break what makes Gemini more enjoyable than the web for content creators 😔


@lutindiscret That's a very good point. Gemtext is always there as a hassle-free option, though.

Fully supporting Markdown essentially requires a web-grade rendering engine, and that is out of scope for Gemini IMO. That's why I discuss a "Gemini-flavored" Markdown in the gemlog post.

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