Working on much more flexible fonts for v1.8. The previously hardcoded font library is now defined by a set of .fontpack files.

Use of platform-dependent text/font APIs (i.e., system fonts) is likely too much to include in this release, but now at least you'll be able to freely customize the UI and pages with any TTF fonts you have available.

@jk Beautiful screenshots. Are there plans to allow users to adjust the font size?

@poorchop Yes, there is a bunch of ways to do that: overall UI scale factor that affects everything, page scaling (50%-200%), and individual fonts can be resized, too.

@jk I knew about the scaling but is resizing individual fonts already an existing feature? I never saw any such preference.

@poorchop Scaling individual fonts is part of the v1.8 work, so not available yet.

Customizing page themes in general is another feature for the future (not v1.8), so you could change the sizes of the headings, for example.

@jk Cool, looking forward to the release. Lagrange is awesome and it keeps getting better.
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