A first step toward multiple windows in : popup menus that live outside the main window.

On Mac/Windows it makes more sense to use native menus for this, but everywhere else a platform-agnostic method is needed, and this one is purely based on SDL-managed borderless windows.

Managed to get context menus working via NSMenu on macOS. It did need a minor tweak in SDL to make it realize the right mouse button has been released after the menu goes away.

@jk very cool, might try to make a Gemini client as well looks easy to parse

@nonetrix Go for it!Presenting gemtext is fun and has plenty of room for artistic choices. Client impl gets a bit trickier when dealing with client certs and things like bookmark management, but it’s still very manageable especially if you have good frameworks underneath.

@jk I've never tried writing a parser any tips or resources?

@nonetrix Gemtext parsing is simpler than parsing text in general, because you can just read the source line by line.

I recommend studying the 100-line Python example client:

(That's where I started with my app.)

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