@ainent Thanks, this clarifies it!

Looks like the DPI is fine as-is. The UI is using the desktop layout, which is not surprising because the mobile layout is hardcoded to be used on iOS only. There might also be an unnecessary minimum window size that causes the right side of the UI to be out of bounds.

I'll add a build option for the mobile layout. It is much better for small screens.

@jk Thanks! Does that mean I'll need to build from source instead of using the flatpak?

@ainent Initially yes. I'm planning to include this build option in v1.7. However, after the mobile variant is a bit more polished, it makes sense to offer a separate Flatpak build for phone devices.

@jk The PinePhone and Librem 5 turn into a desktop computer when plugged into a monitor. Does that mean the "mobile" build won't scale up when used in that way?

@ainent The mobile UI is scalable to different screen sizes, and the landscape orientation is quite close to the desktop UI. However, the mobile UI is optimized for touch, so some elements look/behave different.

In practice I think it should be generally OK, but there's the option to have both desktop and mobile versions installed at the same time.

Making the UI adapt at launch/runtime to mobile/desktop switching would need a lot of work... It's difficult to justify the time investment.

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