Released v1.6.2:

Slightly bigger patch this time:
* text input UX improvements
* fixed more input widget regressions
* improving UI drawing related to buffered visuals
* added `--tab-url`

@jk Thanks a lot for adding my feature requests so quickly and for all the awesome work on Lagrange!! :)

@jk do you have anything about this?: ¿what is wrong with this capsule...gemini:// ?
the page says: "Fallo de comunicación con el servidor. Aquí está el mensaje de error:

>Connection timed out"

I wrote a email to him but I did not get his reply for now

@jk ooohhh ok thank you so much
help me: how do I close the lateral pane? see attached screenshot

@jazei The sidebar can be closed via the hamburger menu, Shift+Ctrl+L, right-clicking an empty part of the navbar, or right-clicking the sidebar tab icon row.

@jk thank you again!!!!! you were very kind!!!

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