@jk Lagrange is amazing, beautiful and feature rich. Thank you for your time!

For occasional mobile Gemini reading I'm happy with Elaho and Ariane. Oftentimes I'm in a terminal mood and happy with Amfora then. Sometimes I'd love to recommend people to apt install lagrange, not sure what's still needed to pass this challenge. On Arch I'm just lucky with its community and the AUR, I guess, getting updates pretty easily, knowing nothing about AppImages, Flatpaks, or Snaps.

Happy anniversary, thx!


@david I’ve understood that adding new packages to Debian is quite a process… Lots of rules and procedures to follow, so it’s a bit outside my current time budget. Would be nice, though!

Launchpad is a reasonably manageable solution for Ubuntu, although the user still has to manually install an apt repo.

I feel the AppImage is a good compromise between distro compatibility, ease of installation/updates, and effort of packaging.

@jk Thanks for that insight and overview! It definitely seems like you picked the right compromise in the vast diversity of package managers in the OS landscape of not just GNU/Linux.

I'm sure a future anniversary will see apt, yum and many more at the party :)

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