@jk I've been meaning to ask you... is this an intentional feature I don't know the purpose of?

@tomasino Looks like this bug: github.com/skyjake/lagrange/is

The suspected cause there was an OpenGL driver glitch. Which OS and version of SDL are you using here?

I could try manually clearing the glyph cache textures after creation, since that looks like uninitialized memory.

@tomasino Does the artifact disappear if you focus the URL field for input?

@tomasino I’ll apply a workaround for 1.5.2 that’ll hopefully fix it for good. Haven’t been able to repro this, though.

@jk cool cool. it's not much of a bother and i really didn't know if it was some sort of "obfuscate address bar when not in use to prevent snooping" thing or something

@tomasino 🤔 Still can't reproduce this, but here's something to help diagnose further: media.skyjake.fi/textbuf-clear

Patch that onto v1.5.2.

It should look like the attached screenshot. Instead of the noise, you should always see a dark green background.

@jk patching file src/ui/text.c
Hunk #1 succeeded at 1507 (offset 2 lines).

No change when i then went to build and redid cmake & make. I wiped out build and redid it from scratch and the same result. No green bar, same artifacting.

Here's my install log - ttm.sh/FUw.txt


@tomasino Very interesting. I’ll make another patch that tries to fill the buffer to green using a different technique.

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