@jk I've been meaning to ask you... is this an intentional feature I don't know the purpose of?

@tomasino Looks like this bug: github.com/skyjake/lagrange/is

The suspected cause there was an OpenGL driver glitch. Which OS and version of SDL are you using here?

I could try manually clearing the glyph cache textures after creation, since that looks like uninitialized memory.

@tomasino Does the artifact disappear if you focus the URL field for input?

@tomasino I’ll apply a workaround for 1.5.2 that’ll hopefully fix it for good. Haven’t been able to repro this, though.

@jk cool cool. it's not much of a bother and i really didn't know if it was some sort of "obfuscate address bar when not in use to prevent snooping" thing or something


@tomasino Could you try the new release and check if the issue persists, please? git.skyjake.fi/gemini/lagrange

@tomasino 🤔 Still can't reproduce this, but here's something to help diagnose further: media.skyjake.fi/textbuf-clear

Patch that onto v1.5.2.

It should look like the attached screenshot. Instead of the noise, you should always see a dark green background.

@jk patching file src/ui/text.c
Hunk #1 succeeded at 1507 (offset 2 lines).

No change when i then went to build and redid cmake & make. I wiped out build and redid it from scratch and the same result. No green bar, same artifacting.

Here's my install log - ttm.sh/FUw.txt

@tomasino Very interesting. I’ll make another patch that tries to fill the buffer to green using a different technique.

@tomasino Test this one, please: media.skyjake.fi/textbuf-clear

Again applied on top of v1.5.2 with no other changes.

This doesn't use the dark green background, but if it works, should be a viable workaround as-is. The difference here is that uses an explicit fill to clear the texture, the alpha isn't zero, and also ensures that the clip region isn't wrong.

Thanks for testing these, much appreciated!

@jk BTW, that was a build from source:

download, extract, mkdir build && cd build; cmake with release flag, make. that sorta thing.

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