@jk I've been meaning to ask you... is this an intentional feature I don't know the purpose of?

@tomasino Looks like this bug: github.com/skyjake/lagrange/is

The suspected cause there was an OpenGL driver glitch. Which OS and version of SDL are you using here?

I could try manually clearing the glyph cache textures after creation, since that looks like uninitialized memory.

@jk I'm on ubuntu 20.04. How do i check SDL version?

Easiest way for me to get the effect is to open 2 tabs. Navigate to different places, then toggle between the tabs.

This one is pretty!


@tomasino Hmm maybe I should add some Easter egg animations into the URL bar 😎

You can see the SDL version by checking the package “libsdl2-2.0-0”. (It’s probably 2.0.10.)

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