Exploring the bleeding edge of network protocols from the 70s: now serves Finger.

In your terminal: finger

πŸ‘‰ finger://

No idea if I remember to keep this updated. Could always integrate it somehow into the Gemini site. πŸ€”

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@jk are you using efingerd? if so then it's pretty trivial to have it just cat the output from a file in your gemini directory. easy peasy!

@tomasino Yeah efingerd. Seems quite nice and flexible since it’s basically running shell scripts for everything.

I was thinking of doing something fancy like hardwrapping a .gmi file for output via efingerd.

@jk i do something similar, but with content from my gopher hole on efingerd seems to be the finger daemon of choice for sophisticated gentlemen in the 21st century. πŸ˜œβ€‹

@jk in other news, man do i miss stunts. I used to turn off the "turbo" button on the computer and everything would drop to a crawl, then toggle it back on again. did you use the track creator a lot?

@tomasino Sure did! I remember struggling to get the bridge pieces connected right, but of course the main attraction was setting up some crazy long jumps.

Maybe it was the relative simplicity of the game that made it so charming. Modern takes like Trackmania are fun but making a good track there is a much bigger project.

@jk I just hooked up my gopher server to also serve port 70 and it all makes sense somehow. πŸ˜…

@kensanata @jk Reading finger:// it occurs to me that having PGP keys available via finger might even make some sense, somehow.

@joacim Lagrange as GUI client and efingerd as the server.

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