🦆 My new font project now has a Git repository:

The test page shows that a quarter of Emojis are currently missing in Lagrange: gemini://


That Eagle is a wee bit too detailed to be "smol" but it looks pretty cool. It's based on Apple's Emoji so not an original design... ☺️

@jk I like what I'm seeing! Could you upload source code and individual SVGs and PNGs as well? Like the Twemoji repo does.

This would likely necessitate changing the license to a CC one, and then a different one for code. Or CC0 for everything heh.

The advantage is it makes the font more portable, and people can contribute changes to the SVGs or new symbols.

@makeworld The source file is a document. Not sure if/when I’ll include that in the repo.

Exporting all the individual glyphs to SVG should be doable with a script at some point. Another script would be needed to compile the SVGs back into an OTF. I’m pretty sure such scripts already exist somewhere… Let’s see if I have time to set this up.

I’ll think about the licensing, but pretty happy with OFL for now.

@jk oh interesting. But yeah getting SVGs would be great! Sounds like there's no easy way to contribute if you're not on Mac then though.

I have no issue with the license, I just figured it wouldn't cover the SVGs and scripts. But maybe it can! Haven't looked into it.

@makeworld I will elaborate on contributing in the readme. Basically one will need to send me a bunch of individual SVGs and/or an OTF/TTF font file with new glyphs, and I’ll manually review (also perhaps edit) and insert them into the master document.

OFL is pretty flexible:

> "Font Software" refers to the set of files released by the Copyright Holder(s) under this license and clearly marked as such. This may include source files, build scripts and documentation.

@jk I have been looking for a halfway-decent and good-coverage monochrome emoji font for a while (Gemini or not) and it looks like this will fit the bill nicely. Ta very much.

Though, how would you handle explicitly coloured characters (squares, circles, hearts, skins)?

@isoraqathedh Glad to hear it! This is a very new project and I hope to add many more symbols over the summer.

The B&W format means that the only way to do 'colors' is via different shadings and patterns, I suppose.

@jk If I may suggest:

- For coloured balls, squares &c. where the colour is the point, replace with a consistent texture, like how Nintendo did it with their colour balls in one of their games.
- For flags, explicitly don't support them.
- For skins, support the skin tone characters using more textures but don't re-render them into the preceding emoji.

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