Working on improvements to the Lagrange text input widget. Word wrapping and multiple lines make a world of difference for writing a bit of text.


Nice !
Any info on when #Lagrange will be in the #debian repositories ?

@Iutech Sorry, nothing to announce regarding that.

We have Debian packaging metadata already but I’m sure it needs some cleanup for an official submission.

@jk Looks good!

FYI the app's left/right sidebar, specifically the feeds which is most of my usage, is essentially unusable on the PinePhone. It'll accept a tap on an entry the first or second time in portrait, then stops responding. A switch to landscape lets me use it one more time, but then it stops responding in both orientations. Is this a known issue?

@ainent Haven’t seen that behavior myself but I have a guess why it happens. I’ll make some changes for v1.4.1 and let’s see if that helps.

@jk much improved, thanks for the quick turnaround, you're awesome!

still a little buggy, though. sometimes i have to tap multiple times or tap something else then try again or switch to landscape before it'll work. and sometimes it thinks i tapped the one below where i actually tapped

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