A few more semi-urgent fixes for v1.3:


Bug fixes:
- crash after upgrading from v1.2
- pixel ratio and display DPI were being conflated
- sidebar width changes when switching displays
- using Tab in keybindings
- bookmarking feed entries
- UI string updates
- custom Emoji link label trimming
- max window size limited by first display (on Windows)

For the french translation I need to debate over which term to use for some words, what would be the best place to do such thing? There is an anonymous doing lots of suggestions, but I cannot contact them.
The first debate is how to translate "bookmark". Depending on softwares there is "marque-page", "favoris", or "signet". Also where should I ask questions about source text? Here on fediverse?

@come Maybe the Weblate comments tab works for that? It's string-specific, though.

There's a Glossary for specifying terminology, but I haven't quite figured out how it works...

I'm happy to answer source text questions here or via email. I will then augment the source string comments accordingly.

I do use the glossary, like I added "tab"->"onglet" in it, and it will appear on all source strings containing the word "tab".
And I think it also yells if I put in a translation which does not use the word "onglet".

Regarding source string, one problem I had is "feed entries", it's not clear if this is used for one feed or several, and it won't translate the same way. ("Entrées des flux" (several),"Entrées du flux" (one) or "Entrées de flux" (generic but weird?))

@come “Feed entries” always refers to all the subscribed feeds. There is no single-feed version of it.

@jk Where is «Copy Link to Page» ? I only see «Copy URL» in lagrange menus.
@jk Same question for all the «Show x» items, in menu.show.x, I cannot find them in the UI. Is it to show something hidden or to choose what is shown between the several sidebar elements?

@come They're in the macOS View menu. They show the sidebar if it isn't visible and also switch the sidebar tab.

@jk Thanks.

What is the difference between copy page source and copy source text? Why does it say source text and not source code?

@come Nice catch, that's an oversight... I've removed "menu.copy.source" and now "menu.page.copysource" is used everywhere.

The intended full term is "page source code" I suppose (as far as "code" applies to gemtext) but it's used as "page source" for brevity.

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