If you'd like to help translate to new languages, please visit the recently opened Weblate site:

Contact me if you want to contribute translations. (By default, the site is suggest-only.)

I did most of the Finnish translation yesterday and I must say there is a strangely addictive nature to translating UI strings. 🇫🇮

@jk I would love to contribute the German translation. My username is f00860.

@f Great! I added you to the Translators group on Weblate so you can submit translations.

@jk I would like to contribute to the Spanish translation if possible. I just registered on the site, my username is WallyHackenslacker.

@WallyHackenslacker I gave you rights to submit translations. Welcome aboard. 🙂

@jk thank you! All done with the Spanish translation now. If there is need for any change please let me know.

@WallyHackenslacker 👍 Just added four more strings for the auto-reload interval, they weren't included before.

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