The first beta build of for iOS is now on TestFlight.

Join now and not only will you get a preview of v1.3, but you'll also get to enjoy a variety of exciting bugs. Will it crash and burn?

@jk Loving it! Such a refreshing experience, despite remaining bugs.

@jk Works decently well on iPhone SE 2016.

Haven’t seen any issues yet; will keep my eyes open. 👀

@jk I get this when clicking link to open in test flight , anyone else? “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”

@jk @przemek This is great! I’m using it today on iPad Pro and it works very well. I haven’t noticed any bugs yet.

@jk damn I feel like I never heard about it 2 weeks ago, now #Gemini is everywhere!!! Can't wait to add my little Rust project to the list of software

@devinprater @StampedingLonghorn Here is the accessibility issue for keeping track:

In short, it’s difficult for Lagrange but could be doable for selected operating systems like iOS that have good accessibility support.

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