v1.2: It's a Big One

UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.

🔥v1.2.0 crashes when creating a bookmark... I'll release a patch shortly. Fix in repository already.

@jk nice updates, thanks! :D

Any plans for supporting animated gifs btw? Currently after loading them they only show as a static image.

If you need a couple of examples, see the animation links at the bottom of gemini://

@FiXato Animated GIFs are somewhere on the to-do list but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

The infrastructure is there now so I could take a look in the near future.


A new version of Lagrange comes out days after I’ve compiled and installed the old one, that has happened twice now. So everyone: you’re welcome.

@jk This release ROCKS! Great job as usual. The enhancement I requested for the sorting order of the feeds now works EXACTLY how I wished it did. Many other great new features, especially the custom window frame on Windows 10!

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