Having a great deal of fun porting Lagrange to iOS. 📲

SDL & custom UI makes this pretty painless, but of course there is no support for things like OS accessibility features or media playback.

Even without those this is already quite usable, especially on the iPad. Plenty of work left to refine the UI for a phone, though.

I expect most of this is directly applicable to Android as well, as long as I figure out how to compile all the dependencies.

Great job @jk !
Thanks, lagrange is really a fabulous #gemini client.

Project to port on Android ?

@adele Focusing on iOS first since that's my preference (and I find the dev tools nicer) but I plan to look at Android in the future, too.

@jk ☺️ Wonderful work!
Love using Lagrange on Linux Mint via Flatpak.

Neat seeing it work on iOS.

@liaizon That's the plan! Don't know exactly when it'll be ready for testing, though.

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