v1.1.3 is out with a few more fixes.

Bug fixes:
- crash on remote bookmark deletion
- possible shutdown crash
- URL decoding vs. reserved chars
- AppImage: improved compatibility
- Windows: portable build uses included "userdata" subdirectory

@duckhp Short pages are center-aligned vertically for aesthetic reasons. Would you like me to add a preference to disable this?

@jk yes please .. the url text line is quote ok though. Just..a bit higher up would be nice? 👍

@jk @duckhp Maybe it would be better to center the page without taking the added URL header into account. The URL is visually muted and has less visual weight in my eyes, so the current way of centering feels to be a bit too far down.

It would also make it more obvious that there is not content that is scrolled off screen by increasing the empty margin at the bottom.

@karlb @duckhp Yeah this looks more balanced on the actual contents of the page.

I'll still add the preference for top-aligned, though.

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