v1.1 has been released:


What's new?
- Import existing X.509 client certificates via the UI.
- Setting for maximum cache size.
- Option to show full URL when hovering over a link.
- Support for Finger links.
- More keybindings: e.g., opening and closing tabs.
- Visual UI improvements.
- Fix for history timestamps that were shifting on every launch.

Read all about v1.1 here: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/202

@jk I just stumbled upon the whole gemini ecosystem a few days ago by recommendation of a friend and I am especially amazed by the look and feel of the lagrange UI.

I am not that fluent in C but I will try to understand and learn from the autogenerated style/icon feature, it made the whole rabbithole dive even more pleasant.

Is there a specific piece of legacy software that inspired you to implement that feature or is there another story behind it?

@brustschmerz Thanks! 😊

Originally I saw this kind of theming feature in marmaladefoo.com/pages/geminau and decided to do my own take on it.

I was also working on Unicode text rendering and since much of Unicode is a collection of cool little icons, it made sense to pick a set of characters to use as favicons.

In v1.0 theming is still at MVP level. I have a few more ideas to give sites additional unique styling.

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