is now available on Flathub.

Flatpak apps are sandboxed so it stores user files in a different place than a regular build. Otherwise works pretty much the same.

@jk nice work! is there an appimage on the horizon? Of the 3 (snap/flatpack/appimage) that's my fav.

I'm still installing by source for now.

@tomasino No immediate plans for AppImage but I could look into it. The build is pretty simple so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

@tomasino @noogles I've now managed to create an AppImage for Lagrange. Must say the tooling is quite a bit rougher to use than Flatpak...

I'll include an AppImage download in upcoming releases on GitHub.

@jk nice one! I've been asked to do this with Amfora, so if you have resources for this besides the docs I'd be interested.

@makeworld The only thing you need is to write the manifest, basically:

You can build/test locally before submitting a PR to Flathub.

Not sure if there's anything specific to console apps, I've only packaged GUI apps so far. Suppose you'll just need to choose the appropriate runtime.

@makeworld Almost forgot, you also need to include an AppData doc:

That's where the info for the Flathub page comes from.

@jk Good job with Lagrange! I've just recently discovered Gemini and been testing out different browsers. I think Lagrange is my new favourite.

@jk #Lagrange working fantastic on my PopOS! laptop. Integrated well. Only problem I have is knowing how to tag a bookmark.

@elperronegro Thanks!

Right-click on a bookmark in the Bookmarks list and select "Edit...". There's a freeform tags field in there.

The special tags "subscribed", "homepage" and "remotesource" can be toggled via the bookmark context menu, too.

@jk For info .... on PopOS! (Ubuntu 20.04) installed via flatpak, I am not getting the "Edit/freeform tag field "option on right click

@jk Oooh. I like this gemini client. Thank you for doing it. I've created a package for #openSUSE and sent a request to include it in distribution.

@etam You're welcome! And thanks for packaging.

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