v1.1 has been released:

What's new?
- Import existing X.509 client certificates via the UI.
- Setting for maximum cache size.
- Option to show full URL when hovering over a link.
- Support for Finger links.
- More keybindings: e.g., opening and closing tabs.
- Visual UI improvements.
- Fix for history timestamps that were shifting on every launch.

Read all about v1.1 here: gemini://

Mac users ahoy: the "skyjake/lagrange" Homebrew tap now gives you the arm64 build when running on an M1 Mac.

@jk Nice. Compiles and works fine on my Ubuntu laptop.

Just for laughs, tried same on my Mobian PineTab - builds fine, starts, displays your gemlog page above but none of the touch stuff works which is a pity as it'd be a nice platform for reading gemtext. No idea if it's a fundamental architectural issue or a minor tweak to fix that.

@edavies Depends on whether SDL is sending touch events on the device. Currently Lagrange doesn't handle any touch events, just mouse & keyboard, but touch events could be handled pretty easily, too.

@jk That sounds reasonable. I'd hoped they'd all be “pointing thingy” events by the time they got to your software but it's not too surprising they're not. Pity though.

@jk Great work! Lagrange is the first Gemini client that really makes me want to use Gemini for more than some experiments!

It also motivated me to finally publish the Gemini version of my blog.

@jk I just stumbled upon the whole gemini ecosystem a few days ago by recommendation of a friend and I am especially amazed by the look and feel of the lagrange UI.

I am not that fluent in C but I will try to understand and learn from the autogenerated style/icon feature, it made the whole rabbithole dive even more pleasant.

Is there a specific piece of legacy software that inspired you to implement that feature or is there another story behind it?

@brustschmerz Thanks! 😊

Originally I saw this kind of theming feature in and decided to do my own take on it.

I was also working on Unicode text rendering and since much of Unicode is a collection of cool little icons, it made sense to pick a set of characters to use as favicons.

In v1.0 theming is still at MVP level. I have a few more ideas to give sites additional unique styling.

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