Got a bunch of bug fixes for you in v1.0.3:

- Improved font glyph caching (more robust, faster, uses less memory).
- Percent-encoding URLs copied to clipboard.
- Trimming feed entry titles.
- Quotes vs. empty lines.
- Redirection in a background tab.
- macOS: "gopher:" scheme handling.

- Omit default port from Gemini URLs.
- Added a build for Apple Silicon (macOS 11.0). Note that this is a separate download.

I'll keep the Intel and Apple Silicon builds as separate / non-universal for now because my distrib scripts as pretty simple.

In theory, it might be possible to merge the separately built binaries together, although not entirely sure what ramifications that has. Something to investigate on a later date.

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@jk I just downloaded Lagrange and it's really gorgeous, a really nice way to experience #geminispace. Thanks for making such a nice client.

@curmudgeon You’re welcome! Glad to hear you like it. 😊

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