v0.11 is a hefty update.

What's new?
- Subscribe to Gemini feeds!
- "about:feeds" shows a CAPCOM-like feed entry list.
- Scrolling preformatted blocks if too wide.
- Many UI refinements.
- Fixed downloading of large files.
- Improved stability.

@jk Nice work! How did you find implementing the new feed idea?

@solderpunk Thanks!

Very happy with the feeds spec. Parsing the index pages was super easy. All the complicated bits were in tracking what's already been seen, but that's still quite straightforward bookkeeping based on URLs/dates. Got it working from scratch in about 2 days. Helped a lot that I integrated it closely with the existing bookmark/history routines.

The UI needed a lot more work, though... 😄

@jk @solderpunk feeds spec? Have I actually missed something important by leaving the mailing list!?

@oppen @jk gemini:// :)

@solderpunk @jk nice. I briefly entertained the idea of doing something without even working with dates, just follow a page and display diffs in an aggregated feed.

@solderpunk @jk incidentally, while we wait for gemini:// scheme support in Mastodon this feature in Ariane has been really useful.

@oppen @solderpunk @jk ooh so that's why! i was wondering why i have that menu entry every time i select any text haha

@jk nice work! The first browser to support feeds of any kind, afaik. Hoping Amfora can be the second!

Also any plans for other feed format support, like Atom or RSS? Or general page tracking?

@makeworld Atom/RSS support very unlikely to happen. There are lots of RSS reader apps already out there, and some should even allow opening gemini links via system-level handlers.

Tracking of page content and new links in general OTOH is pretty low-hanging fruit, but probably will wait after v1.0.

Looking forward to Amfora and more clients with feed support!

@jk aw that's too bad! From a UX level it seems the same as adding the Gemini feeds option like you did. You should reconsider imo, I think client-side aggregation can be a big part of Gemini in the future.

@makeworld I agree that client-side aggregation is important, but I believe RSS/Atom is not right for Gemini. Feeds should be "native", and solderpunk's feeds comp spec is elegant and trivial to take into use.

Adding RSS/Atom support would basically turn Lagrange into a full-blown RSS reader since anything can have an RSS feed, and that's not a direction I want to go in from an implementation POV.

@jk I don't really see the difference, or what makes those feed formats wrong for Gemini, they're what Solderpunk uses himself, for his gemlog, for CAPCOM, gemfeed, etc. Atom is not as simple, but I find it elegant. Anyway, thanks for the new release, and good luck with future development! It's a great client.

@jk Sweet! Although, I seem to have run across a bug. On the other hand, it may not be related to the new release.

In short, when I press the menu icon in the audio player while it's downloading a very large audio file, I get a segfault.

Would you care for a bug report about this?

@jk Oh, also, when I click a link to a FLAC file, I get an audio player, but it opens as a separate page, instead of embedding the audio player inline like it does when I click a link to an MP3. Not sure if this is expected behaviour.

@eviloatmeal Ah, Lagrange doesn't actually support FLAC atm so it should just show an Unsupported Content page instead. Will fix.

@eviloatmeal It's probably been doing that for a while... Sure, please submit a bug report.

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